The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


3 minutes gone and Palace are losing :rofl:


Palace :arteta:. Already 1-0 United. Mata.


I can’t wait for Palace to actually score a goal. They’re going to celebrate like they’ve won the World Cup!


God, Palace are just terrible. Worse than Derby in the 2007/2008 season.
It’s gonna be another 5-0 against Palace at this rate.


Spurs looks good again… Kane just keeps scoring my god…

Palace are awful and ManU with 3 more points, not unexpected…

Chelsea City should be interesting at least.


WBA take the lead against Watford.
2-0 WBA.
Fellaini. 2-0 and game truly over.


Mata and Fellaini on the scoresheet. Little and Large.



Watford pull one back.
Diouf. 1-0 Stoke.
Stoke miss a penalty now.



^^^back on the dodgy stuff again me thinks



Somewhere BradyMagic is wishing he never got banned so he could be all like “told ya English can play football.”


You are shit when Fellaini scores a brace against you. 3-0 United.


Fuck me, is Fellaini on drugs?! Where the hell is Lukaku? I want my FPL points goddammit!


Likewise, Lukaku has scored every game this season except the ones I picked him in my FPL team :neutral_face:


1-1 Southampton.


Crystal Palace are the worst team I’ve seen in the PL. Just get smashed every week


They’ll be alright next week, they’ve got Chelsea.


Until we meet them and we will struggle to get a win


I thought Martial had missed it, instead it was a good save.