The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


It happens with athletes, Rooney peaked early also.

I don’t see him getting a lot better than he is now, he’s nearly maxed out his game for me. His all round game won’t change by leaps and bounds and he’s already one of the best finishers out there and very consistent.

The question for him is whether he’ll be able to maintain this level over his career and not whether he’ll improve tremendously IMO.


Kane has been playing regular first team football at the top level since he was 20? 21?

Rooney was 16 years old when he started playing 40+ games a season at the top.

A good example, but not applicable in this instance.

I’m still not clear on why you think he won’t improve/has hit his ceiling. To me it’s just as likely hes another Zlatan.



The post was quite clear.

As I said I don’t think hell get a lot more out his game particularly the all round game, he’s not comparable to Zlatan in that aspect. He’s more comparable to Shearer which is no bad thing.

I doubt Kane will be a different footballer at 28 compared to now.


Saying Kane will peak early just because Rooney did too isnt reasoning, but fair enough.


That wasn’t the only thing I said though.

Are you being willfully obtuse?


I already know we are gonna struggle against Huddersfield.
Positive attitude from Huddersfield. They are still trying to score 1 goals at least.


Please clarify what I may have missed.


If he’s peaked early then it sure is an impressive peak. Maybe he can just score even more goals. Or maybe scoring goals at such a rate consistently as he ages could be termed improving his game. Either way he’s flat out brilliant, regardless of playing for Tottenham


Nah go and read the posts again.

Not going to repeat myself because you’ve latched on to one aspect of a post.

@Robin_L I wasn’t saying it’s not impressive merely that in my view it’s a question of consistency rather than will he hit the heights of Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez et al. Also I didn’t mean he’ll decline early.


We don’t play them at their place until the last day of the season. We would have won the league by then so it won’t matter :sunglasses:


All I see for actual reasoning here is ‘it happens’.


Yeah, we are gonna lift the Premier League trophy at their ground :arteta:


Yet you conveniently ignore the rest of the post.

Forget it.


Sissoko bottles the 4-0.
Kane off for Son.


I’ve not conveniently ignored anything.

You’ve just reiterated your opinion, without a ‘why’. I’m not having a pop, sincerely just want to understand.


Is “Alli isn’t that type of player” still a stance that pundits/journalists are taking? With every passing game it becomes clearer that he is that type of player. Imagine diving against little Huddersfield when you’re 3-0 up. Prickhead.


Alli thinks he is Messi here.
Christ! What a lucky goal! 4-0 Sissoko.
4-0 Tottenham FT. They are 3rd atm.



That reminds me of RvP vs Spurs.