The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


More than that surely. Fuck sake some team needs to get him out of there already.


I really do think Madrid should go for Kane. I don’t buy into the the takes regarding him not being good enough in general play, he is and Madrid should probably be easing their way out of the Ronaldo era soon anyway.


They could sell Kane for about half of what their stadium is going to cost.


His form is hopefully a poisoned chalice for Spurs. The better he gets, the more goals he scores, the more bigger clubs will be begging for his signature.

He has made more room in his house for his “trophies” so if he wants to make proper use of that he needs to get out of there :grin:


Best striker in the league easily. Better than Bale has been for them imo.


I don’t know what’s worse, spurs keeping Kane, or Pochettino with 200m to spend on players.
Those two are the reason why they have overtaken us, and possibly Eriksen and Alli as well.


WHAT A FUCKING GOAL :open_mouth:

Click the tweet as it doesn’t embed on this :neutral_face:


They’re at home to Bournemouth in their next PL game :facepalm:


We have them in November :sunglasses:

They do have Liverpool and Man United at the end of October though. That’ll be interesting.


Not world class…


Ronaldo played on the wing at Man United to be fair.

And I think his trophy cabinet speaks for itself.


Haha two different players no doubt, I also wouldn’t want to compare him to Ronaldo overall. Still, his stats speak for themselves. It’s easy to forget just how good Ronaldo was at United and Kane is keeping pace…


I do think it is easier to score goals these days as football conditions have become a more biased towards attackers so these records from anyone don’t really impress me all that much.

However, you can’t deny Kane’s credentials compared to players today. He is one of the best.


Yeah for sure. He is definitely up there with the best of today but he needs to win trophies. I don’t see him reaching the heights of Ronaldo or winning the Ballon d’Or.


Well, Spurs were great in the first half. They literally smashed Huddersfield.


Kane is a great striker already, however, I think he’s kind of peaked early and won’t get much better than he is now over the course of his career. His all round game is OK but it’s his goal scoring that sets him apart as he can score all kinds and from anywhere.

Can’t see him winning the Ballon d’Or when the likes of Mbappe, Dembele, Dybala et al waiting in the wings when Messi and Ronaldo taper off but he may be in the conversation especially when he leaves Spuds which is inevitable.


Don’t know about that at all.


Still Aguero IMO.

Kane’s got next though.


What dark hole did you dig that stat out of?!. :rofl:


Kane has only just turned 24, why do you think he has peaked?