The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Because sky want us on Monday :wink:

We’ll probably be on a Monday a few times until Christmas with us being the only big 6 team available in that slot during CL weeks.


They didn’t wait more than five seasons to get their strikers either.


We do play in the Europa League 3 days later, tbh.


Yep. They haven’t done December TV games yet but we’re not on on a Monday throughout October or November - that slot is taken up by the likes of Leicester and Brighton.


Yeah and I don’t even think Lacazette is the ideal answer also, good player not a great one.


Oh my god give it a fucking rest already


The more I watch Knockaert the more I think he is one of those players stuck on the stairs between Championship and Premier League. The inbetweeners - Jordan Rhodes, David Nugent style.


0-0 at HT. Quite a good game. Both teams have had some decent chances.


Yeah thought it deserved a pen much more than the actual pen.


1-0 Brighton! Hemed!
Good win for Brighton to lift them above the relegation zone.


C’mon Huddersfield!


There is no way that’s going to happen because Hemed is suspended :wink:


Huddersfield started the game quite well but one mistake…


Bored of this season already


Oh fuck off Spurs!


Fucking hell Kane…

This scoreline is going to be brutal.


Looks so easy lol Huddersfield all move in slow mo


Harry Kane’s now bagged 21 goals in his last 10 away games. Not bad.


Kane is smashing it so bad this season haha. Reckon he will hit 30 goals at this rate


World class already. Enough of “he needs to do it over X time period”. He’s breaking records right now. He’ll probably dip in form occasionally but to have a player that good for the next 2 seasons minimum is monstrous, gives them a shot at the league title on his own.