The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread




Meh…Liverpool are still shit though. No chance they are gonna finish 4th.


Fucking Vardy. Could get 12 points in FPL but decides to miss a penalty and get booked and gets 3 instead, what a cunt.


vardy = cunt, thought everyone expected this from him ages ago :arteta:




so Stones and who, Fabregas have the same social media person?




Eurgh, modern day football summed up in one tweet. Surprised we didn’t see Özil congratulating him aswell :joy:


that is a reenactment of the Titanic to the sound of Celine Dion in the background!


Football player rivalries don’t often pan out the same way as supporter rivalries though.

e.g. The Spanish contingent from Manchester Utd and City socialising together


I miss the 97-2005 days of Arsenal and United players fucking hated each other.

Football is so fucking soft nowadays. Nothing but hair gel and social media. Fucking pants.


Your mates all don’t work for the same company as you do they? It’s the same for footballers. Bit stupid to want them to hate each other just cause they play for rival teams

Such a random thing to get annoyed about cristo lol


It’s all about the rivalry though.


To be honest they go hard in the paint when it’s game time.

To expect them to carry it on outside of the pitch is a little OTT.





Rom and Morata looking like brilliant signings for United and Chelsea respectively.


Only Brighton-Newcastle today :xhaka:


It’s the ‘promoted sides derby’ :sunglasses:


Why can’t we be the 1330 kick off today FFS