The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


I can get a box at that match my new manager is in with Heineken who have several at the huddersfield stadium. So I’ll be at work


Should be in every England squad if fit


Good old England hoofing the ball to him :wink: :xhaka:


With the amount Arsenal fans bang on about plan Bs I’m not sure why England fans are so against him. There’s nobody who can do anything near what he’s capable of in the air. Considering most of the squad sit on the bench all tournament and are there in case Kane breaks a leg I don’t know why there’s no room in the 23 for someone who can actually change a game completely.


I’ve always rated Carroll.
He’s no slouch on the ball either.
If it weren’t for his injury record he would be at a top six club.


He reminds me of how lucky we are to have Giroud as an option at our club


I wonder if there’s any evidence that ‘PLAN B’ types like Giroud or Carroll are actually more effective coming on late in a game and getting a goal for your team, than say another goal scorer/fox in the box type, like Lacazette or Chicharito. I feel like it’s just a case of how it’s always been done informing what we think needs to be the type, I seem to remember Chicharito was pretty effective coming on and getting late goals for United.

The question is, for the better? :wink:

I’m not sure how much value 13 aerial duels won has, tbh, lol. The only thing that stat is really telling me is that your team is not playing well.


He scored some great volleys, but he is a very clumsy on the ball. You just have to cross the ball with him.


No he wouldn’t. He’s a very average striker. Far too old fashioned for any of the top 6 clubs.


England in a major tournament in the 78th minute are 100% guaranteed to already not be playing well :mustafi:

When I say plan B, I really mean plan F. You’re 1-0 down in the first knock out round of a big tournament, going out of the competition to some second rate team, the opposition has already done their take a striker off bring a DM/CB on trick, you’ve tried everything but you’re playing like shit, you’re coached by some English imbecile who isn’t going to make any real tactical difference (and even if he could he could never convey it to 11 other English imbeciles) so why not get Big Andy on and any time a winger / fullback / midfielder gets some space throw it in there and hope he wins it. Plan F already includes you bringing on Lacazette or Chicharito (Defoe :exploding_head:) and having him win duels is mostly about creating chances for those guys. Being England they’re probably already loading the box at that stage anyway.

But tbh I think it’s more about momentum. The placebo effect of the plan B if you will. You’re playing like crap with no hope and your heads go down, then as soon as he’s on and you’re doing something different and it works and someone gets a shot off or he challenges the keeper then you might think “hey this might work” and spirits will be raised.


Yeah, I feel you, I agree that there’s something to ‘accept you’re shit, and just play to your shitness.’ It’s what Pulis and Allardyce make their living on. There’s a certain point where all the stuff we consider overstated in their importance-- aerial duels, crossing ability, set-piece delivery–actually becomes underrated and you can have some success by just focusing on some people who have some real specialists abilities, and that’s certainly the reality Pulis and Allardyce work in.


Desperate game for Bournemouth today.


I can’t believe Bournemouth v Brighton is actually a Premier League fixture. It wasn’t that long ago they were both in League 1. Mental.


Brighton are very, very defensive. If they think they can survive in this way during a whole season they are crazy.


Yeah, look at how many men they have behind the ball. It’s ridiculous - who goes to Bournemouth and parks the fucking bus???


0-0 HT. Nothing has happened.


The game have suddenly come alive. Brighton have 2 cleared off line, then hit bar.
It was coming. 1-0 Brighton. Good header.


Groß’s delivery’s deadly.


bournemouth relegation fodder this season?


Well, 0 points after 5 games :gabriel: