The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread




Ederson’s face :grimacing: but not a red card they said…


Let’s see if West Ham can keep their negative record going today :smile:


Nah Noble has it figured out now. If you don’t concede then you don’t lose. Who knew?!


Sky actually pay this dickhead for his opinion…


Hernandez hits the bar.


West Ham definitely the team on top so far. Hernandez will be a pretty good buy for them I feel


Huddersfield have barely come out from their box so far.
West Ham are wasting some good chances.


Sky have shown 5 halfs of football and only two goals have been scored… ffs! :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed:


0-0 HT. Huddersfield are solid.


Just don’t… I’ve wasted my weekend :joy:


Seems the goal qouta got used up in the City Liverpool game! :joy:


West Ham don’t want to score today.
Hernandez off.



WE FINALLY HAVE A GOOOAL!!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:



Lucky deflection.
2-0 Ayew. Huddersfield’s great start to the season is over.


West Ham finally getting a win aswell haha. Can’t have helped them playing their first 3 away from home


That West Ham opening goal was arsy as fuck.


Finally a win for West Ham.


De Boer got the sack for that. Next job lined up then.


There’s something very likeable about Wagner, I do hope Huddersfield have a good season. I think we play them away last game