The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


This is not a “super” Sunday. Can we sue Sky for false advertising? I mean, it’s not like it wasn’t expected!


Benteke misses a 1 vs. 1.
How did Palace not manage to score here?
Burnley hanging on.


aahh Dann!!!

I thought that was Palace’s goal for sure.


Really not Palace’s day :joy: they’ve not looked great but individuals have let their team down today. Not sure how much of it is on the manager.


Palace just can’t score.


I think that’s the end of de Boer.


1-0 Burnley FT. de Boer on the verge of getting sacked.


Day, week, month. Or even their year :microphone:

They haven’t even scored a goal yet!



Another boring game.


The rare chance I get to sit down and watch back to back premier league games ffs


First a comical clearance, then a comical shot.
What a save by Fabianski!
Sanches looks terrible. Elliot with a fine save as well now.


I thought pandering to the TV companies was so that they could put on good games more often. Super Sunday with 4 teams looking at relegation, monday night game is West Ham Huddersfield and Arsenal Bournemouth, Everton Spurs and Leicester Chelsea not even televised :facepalm:


0-0 HT. Just one good chance for both teams.
Almost a good chance for Swansea.


Swansea should probably be 1-0 ahead here. Good goal line clearance though


Why is Merino playing for Newcastle?


He is on loan from Dortmund.


He weren’t getting minutes at BVB and so kicked up a fuss about moving and got a loan to NUFC.

Newcastle have an obligatory buy clause in the deal when he reaches a certain amount of appearances.


1-0 Newcastle with Lascelles.
Secondo win in a row for Rafa.


Would like to go on record that I never understood the hype around Renato Sanchez, even when he was starting in Euros.