The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread



Just watching MOTD. This guy is too good looking to be playing for West Brom


@Cristo :cristo:


I am happy and sad :pensive:


Looks like basically every pundit is saying Mane shouldn’t have been sent off.

I really don’t get it? If Xhaka goes in late with eyes on the ball and kicks someone he gets a red and everyone agrees he’s an arse, so when you kick someone studs up in the face why is it any different? There’s a rule against having a high foot when there’s no real danger, so obviously you get sent off when that high foot goes into someone’s face?


I feel like the defensive comments on the Mane red card are all based on the idea that he “is not that sort of player”. I get the argument that a lot of players in that situation would go for the ball but that doesn’t make it any less vicious. If it had been someone like Xhaka or Lee Cattermole they’d be vilified and a petition would probably be started to have them banned from football!


2 great games today :xhaka:


Newsflash: 90% of pundits chat shit.


the usual suspects looking good this season, City will have a dip but I expect them to be challenging, Chelsea and Spurs are slowly getting going, Liverpool will hit back, Everton might take time for them to hit form, Utd looking strong, We be up there but think we be out of title race come November sadly. Liverpool and Spurs been in the CL might help us with getting 4th but only for a certain time.


Palace already down :arteta:
Benteke very close to equalize.


What was that back pass :joy:


Assist of the season so far :joy:

Özil esque vision


Palace need to change de Boer quickly if they want to avoid relegation.


You can’t sack someone after 3 games ffs!


Of course, but Palace look a mess.


Palace are the only team in the PL yet to score a goal.
Think Heaton just did his shoulder.
Pope on.
1-0 Burnley at HT. Palace are just shit.


Poor Frankie. Just not made for the Premier League.


Burnley are very poor, while Palace just clueless.


This game has been awful. Hopefully the Swansea Newcastle game is better!


Schlupp wastes a great chance.