The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


This is glorious.


Take that, you cunt!!! Ahahah!


Can is a fool.


Spare a thought for Chamberlain’s debut.

Back to back 4-0 :kos2:


So close to the 5-0! Mignolet did well here.






SANè!!! GOLAZOOOOO! My FPL is gonna be so good :giroud3:


I took Sane out and I don’t have Jesus :sob:


Mark Clattenburg said it wasn’t a red card :thinking:

I feel like he needs to watch it again.


Wow, what a goal!


Lol! Get in! :kos2:


Quality goal!!


I can’t fathom how anyone could possibly say the red made the wrong decision. That’s as stonewall a ref as you can get. High foot, nowhere near the ball, studs up.


I must admit my reaction was posted before any replays… you’re totally right


Players safety comes first. No matter if it was intentional or not, he is responsible for where he puts his boots. Red card.


Klopp is a bellend.
Kane puts Spurs up.
Watford also take the lead.
So Morata is good in the end. 1-0 Chelsea.
Eriksen probably kills the game off for Spurs. 2-0.
First goal in the Premier League for Brighton.


Watching our game through my TV from my laptop.

Feels weird watching a 3PM game on the TV!


Are you casting it with an app or chromecast or just using a HDMI cable?


Watching it on TV as well. Bought an Android box with IPTV (paid subscription). Same stream as @Calum. Great quality, no ads and doesn’t buffer.