The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Bravo coming on.


With Bravo coming on? :grimacing:


Oh! Forgot about it :henry2:


Ref just shat on the game.


At some point in midweek I had Mane captain my ff team. Thank god I changed my mind. :smile:



8 minutes added on.




Mane is by far Liverpool’s best players for me. Game over tbh.


Difficult to look at that picture and not say it’s a red card tbh.


It’s wrong. 6-0 to Chelsea :wink:

Jesus disallowed!


They need to change the rule then, because collisions happen in football and if Mane isn’t allowed to go for the ball there then what’s the point of running for it in the first place, or even playing the pass.


Could get ugly from here on out.

KDB on fire.


Yep I’m coming round to it now. He had to go for it, but at the same time it was reckless. Could’ve said De Jong vs Alonso in the world cup final had to go for it, but it doesn’t change the fact it’s dangerous.


2-0 Jesus!


His eye was on the ball the whole time though, looking at just that picture doesn’t depict the whole story whatsoever.


Liverpool are gonna lose 4-0 now.




Yeah there was definitely no intention in it. The ball was way too high to go for without it being considered reckless though. One of the harsh things in football, if he gets it he’s through on goal alone.

Overall I think the ref probably got that one correct