The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Liverpool’s defence :arteta:. 1-0 Aguero.


City’s defence is an absolute joke. The amount they’ve spent on it and it’s still really poor. Lucky for them that Salah has been toothless as fuck


Almost penalty to Liverpool.


Salah is taking the piss now hahahahaha. Average finishing


Salah shitting the bed.


Salah’s finishing is so shit.


If Henderson wasn’t the captain Ox could take his place in midfield. He’s fecking awful!


No, both are shit :wink:


Just need super sub ox to save the day


How did we manage not to score a goal against this Liverpool’s defence? They are fucking shit. City close to the 2-0.






He had to go for it, super harsh.


That is very harsh. Mane had to go for that, doesn’t matter if it’s against the goalkeeper or not.

That’s killed the fucking game now ffs


Harsh, but i can understand the referee.


Klopp looked ready to throw hands with the official :joy:


City spent their alexis budget on the ref


Fucking Jon Moss just ruined the game

:disappointed: Awful decision


Game over though.


You could say it was reckless but he was clearly going for the ball there. As Neville said you can tell by the reaction when it’s going to be a red, that wasn’t one of them.