The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Haha just seen Burnley scored a 90th minute equalizer vs Spurs, it’s not all bad after all.


At least Spurs are still Spurs.


Remember when we had first option on Fabregas and said no thanks we don’t need him :rofl:






3-5-2 for Pep again. Danilo as CB! Chamberlains starts on the bench :poldi:


Oh shit that actually looks like a good game


Ox has gone from being a starter for Arsenal to a bench warmer at Liverpool. Some development, that.


Danilo as CB was the only way I could make sense of Pep signing him (still a strange one, for me…). Let’s see how it works out…



Looking forward to this game tbh


Klopp v Pep feels like the big match up this season, must watch games.


Liverpool started brighter, controlling the game so far.


Otamendi booked.
I see Kompany is injured again :smiley:
Liverpool look clever for once, as they are leaving City the ball.
Arnold :arteta:. What a stupid ball to give away.
Nice shot by Fernandinho. First chance of the game.
Salah wastes a good counter.


Salah having a lot of fun down the right already haha


City are too predictable.
Neither side are capable of making a killer pass.


Salah absolutely killing Otamendi. His final ball has been poor everytime though.


Salah does everything well, apart from the final pass.




Aguerooooo. Undeserved but nice pass and finish