The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


The big difference between Özil and Mkhitaryan is to have the right/intelligent/talented players around.


This is going to be a shit season isn’t it


You know what, I think you’re right really, I’ve changed my mind on this. I’m very much in favour of safe standing, but when players go into the crowd you inevitably get crowd surges down towards the front few rows and it’s dangerous. Players should be kept back to a certain distance and punished if they contravene it


Yep… unless we get 3 points tomorrow, we are going to be 5 or 6 points behind Mou after only 3 games…


Despite the fact United have been shit for 4 years, you always knew they’d be back challenging for the league properly before us.


United have looked decent so far but it’s still early days and honestly they’ve played 3 teams they should be beating


Stoke are shit…


What pains me is they have had average seasons since Fergie left - and We havent really got better since they dipped. Theh now look to be better than us once again.


With united i just keep hoping that the longer they dont win the league, the more mistakes they make with signings/managerial acquisitions etc. Eventually that could see them settle as a Liverpool, always flirting around 4th, 5th and 6th in the league.

Even if they finish a very close 2nd to the eventual champions, it can only be good news as they’ll panic buy next summer


Mediocrity has yet to be normalised at Man United. It’s still deemed shocking when they aren’t in a title race annually, steps have been taken and they’re now back challenging. Meanwhile over at Arsenal we talk in serious terms about how to regain our top 4 position


In what universe is West Brom v Stoke considered “super”? Which bright spark at Sky decided that was a game worthy of a Super Sunday slot?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Pulis is fighting for the title, with 6 points in 2 games :hipster:


The arsenal game is televised right???


Yep, on Sky.

But they’re televising wba/Stoke ahead of chavs/Everton


Chelsea Burnley was such a freak result. They are still favourites for the title imo, totally bossing Everton today.


They completely are… and Cesc is controlling things - great finish, too. To be fair, Everton haven’t showed up… they look lifeless and devoid of confidence - can barely string 3 passes together.




Morata scoring a more offside goal than Lacazettes last week


No, United have more depth, imo.


Chelsea win, while WBA draw.