The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Should get a ban for diving though.


Frank de Boer’s Palace look hopeless. He won’t even last until Christmas I fear.


Meh, if the stewards are already having a hard time containing the fans there is no need for the players to jump right into them too. If anyone gets injured the player won’t care but the person just doing his job will.


West Ham have been shocking so far this season. Losing 3-0 to Newcastle :speak_no_evil:

De Boer an Bilic are in a 2 horse sack race.


Rafa could still walk before either of them tho


De Boer proving himself to be a terrible manager.


Wenger is gonna join them soon :grimacing:


Why is the camera so far away from the pitch in the Man United game? Are they filming from the Etihad?!


Leicester taking it to these guys early on. Cmon fellas stuff these arrogant assholes.


Lukkaku just missed a penalty. Hope he captains lots of ff teams this week :smiley:



i have him as my captain


There’s a little box that shows the most transfered in, most transfered out, and most captained. You were spot on with your assumption of Lukaku being the most captained lulz.


I don’t know why Lukaku takes penalties. He isn’t a very good penalty taker. That was one of Mourinho’s criticisms of him when he was at Chelsea.

I had Mkhitaryan as captain, he got an assist at least, but clearly my shouts to Jose to not take him off were ignored :roll_eyes:


Lol of course the lino couldn’t see that Fellaini was offside


Well, United look so rock solid.


Watching United begin to stabilize while we fucking tailspin is difficult.


We had our chance to capitalise and we didn’t. It’s our own fault, the strong eat the weak. We deserve it.


We don’t deserve it, Wenger does.


They had another one that Mata scored that was onside in the first half but was ruled out to be fair.