The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Done and dusted. The cult of Liverpool scores again.


Could be Monreal - Mertesacker - Holding :laughing:

Called it tho, over at half time, pretty much. Could be time for a Sanchez substitution soon


And you are happy, aren’t you? :sanchez2:


Over the moon yeah


Oliver is a bastard of the highest order.


I’m looking forward to the Europa League. Much more interesting than watching us get embarrassed in the CL.


Bit harsh he posts some decent stuff.


Lots of anti - Kroenke chanting apparently


7-1 Tottenham! OMG!


So they end the season as the league’s top scorers :rage:


wont be long before they are disbanded though, their stadium is going to be costing north of £800m but at the same time i guess the league money will see them through (can see it now) they will have no problems paying off their stadium and they will be saying ‘look we are paying off a far more expensive stadium than you guys did what is your excuse’

League didnt have money in it back then though, considering each club gets something like 60-80m just for being in it, we didnt have anywhere near that.


Heaps and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing it.


I obviously know absolutely nothing about it but you’d assume that the Spurs directors had planned it enough to not completely suffer. They won’t have the unforseen changes we did. If it boosts their matchday revenue it’ll probably end up paying for itself.


Spurs are going to be more than fine, they won’t suffer like we did.

Maybe we should have waited until now as well.


One of my best mates, a Chelsea season ticket holder for 21 years, got smashed in the face by an Arsenal fan. Because he was wearing a Chelsea shirt - at Finsbury Park!





i have no idea what that graph is trying to achieve.


goodbye our 20 year record.


Bollocks. Our record will never get beaten.