The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Nah, he’s just a cunt.


Offside? 3-1 though.
Messi-esque! :smiley: Nice goal! 3-2!
3-3! :smiley:
Nice finish by Fabregas. 4-3. Cracking game.
4-3 FT and fireworks.



MNF GOAL OF THE SEASON: You voted Emre Can’s bicycle kick against @WatfordFC your Goal of the season!

Need to get Ollie the most important one next weekend on MoTD!!!


Wenger really shat the bed with Fabregas didn’t he.

Anyone saying he was past it, like me, is eating some humble pie now.

Fuck being an Arsenal fan sucks sometimes. Van Peruse, Nasri, Adebayor, Fabregas, all joined rivals and won trophies with them and we’ve spent years just getting humiliated by those teams while also managing to humiliate ourselves with our pathetic choking and weak mentality.


I don’t really remember Van Peruse




Josè with a classic boring game so far. 0-0 at HT against Southampton.
0-0 FT. What a game! :mustafi:


Proper dross. Hopefully Sky Sports will see sense next season and opt not to show many of their games.


Man United 52 goals in 36 matches is utterly embarrassing, its so frustrating that they are every chance to end the season with 2 trophies.


Fuck you Puel you massive cunt. I bring in Bertrand for his DGW he concedes on Saturday then you drop him for tonight when Southampton get a clean sheet! Arrrrgh.


As long as they have you watching those (predictably) piss boring games I think they’ll be fine


anti-football has historically been rather successful.

Look no further than Chelsea in the CL. Id have no hopes on this one.


Son with a great chance. He completely bottles it.
1-0 Kane.
Another chance for Tottenham. Good save by Schmeichel.
Spurs haven’t collapsed like last season. 2-0 Son.
2-0 Spurs HT.


Nah can’t have Kane winning golden boot over Alexis.


Lloris ahhahaha! WTF was he doing here!? 1-2!
Kane again. 24 goals like Lukaku now.
Spurs running riot. FFS!


Kane has 4 goals tonight!! :open_mouth:

Fucking hell what a striker


FUCK OFF! Only pass the ball to Alexis on sunday :sanchez2:


Well there goes the golden boot :sanchez2:




Leicester players are clearly on holiday already they conceded two goals in two minutes, rinsed at home like no tomorrow.

Fucking pathetic.