The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


The stadium attendances will be laughable in the group stage, you’d think, but then the Club will do something with the ticket prices and the ground won’t be so empty after all, you’ll see.

Anyone know United’s attendances in the group stages? Albeit they had some big teams in Feyenoord/ Fenerbahce. I’d be interested in how many they got through the gate for Zorya Luhansk on a Thursday night


It’s funny. I’d be more up for seeing Arsenal in a competition where they would have an solid chance to actually win it rather than being in a competition where you know you will get raped in the arse without any lube and have really no business being in. The excitement for the Champions League to face Bayern/Barcelona again has become non-existent for me. I’d rather face some new teams. I didn’t deny there is more obscure opposition, but people overreact how much obscure opposition there is.


Pretty decent by the looks of it…


suggesting we have no business in the tournament is a bit odd tbh.


No. I think there are probably 25 out of 32 teams who have no business in that tournament. We’re one of those teams.


Will they be able to? Other than make them cat C? Those games will be part of the season ticket so they can’t completely take the piss.


Yeah i guess they’d make the three group games Cat C for starters. We’ll obviously be a Pot 1 side and will get at least one, possibly two relative minnows in with us.

At a push they could make one Cat B but it would still be fairly new territory as we’ve always had at least one Cat A or sometimes two Cat B’s in the CL groups.

Basically ST holders are going to get big rebates st the end of the 17/18 season, as we will be overpaying for the 7 cup credits we’re getting . Exception would be if we then got a big side at home in the 3rd or 4th round of the Fa Cup to make it up.

Basically it’s a nightmare trying to work it all out and I don’t envy them :grimacing:

Assuming the group stage games ARE all sensibly priced, I think you’d get a pretty big capacity, whoever we were playing. Supporters and tourists love the Cat C pricing


^^ God I bored myself writing that, sorry :laughing:


If the worst case scenario happens then fair enough, a European trophy for Wenger at last would be nice.


Sky now showing the Sunderland game live on Tuesday


[quote=“GunnerGirl, post:4184, topic:79, full:true”]
If the worst case scenario happens then fair enough, a European trophy for Wenger at last would be nice.
[/quote]Unless he decides to go after the FA Cup final :thinking:

I’ll think more about the whole Europa situation once the season is done. Whatever we’re in, we just got to get on with it.


Not really a point in sacking off the EL. The group stage will be a pile of piss and we’ll probably have the chance to rotate a bit too in one or two of the games, ideally quite heavily with some youngsters but we’ll definitely finish in the top 2. It only has an extra 2 games in the second half of the season vs the CL, which I’m sure nobody would mind going all the way in.

Real, Bayern, Monaco, Juventus etc. aren’t finishing 6th because of their draining European campaigns, they’ve done well in Europe for the same reason they’ve done well in the league and that’s because they’re good this year. If you need to be out of one competition to be capable of competing in another then you’re probably not good enough to be doing well in either.

Basically if we can’t compete for 4th and the EL then something is wrong.


Wonder if any of the people that said we made progress last year due to finishing 2nd, flip the argument this year by saying we have made progress to achieving more than 71 points :joy:.


Well, finally being in a European cup where we will be considered top dogs and having a clear shot at silverware is to some degree, an improvement! :gunnersaurus:



Terry scores :hipster:


Fitting that “captain, leader, legend” scores


Terry goes from hero to zero :coq:


LOL! Terry from hero to zero in just one minute. 1-1!
Chelsea take the lead again. Azpilicueta.


I’ve always liked Terry as a “player” one of the greatest ever centre backs in the premiership, so he deserves to go out on a high even if he does play for Chelsea