The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


We never need Usmanov. Different ownership arrangements, yes, but if he became owner it would be the end of the club we support at the moment.

Nonetheless, I really am up for a lot of change, almost for the sake of change. I feel like I’d be willing to entertain almost anything happening this summer if it meant not having the same Groundhog Day season again.


Yeah honestly as soon as I wrote that I knew it was a risk to even say it…


Think you’re overthinking it, coaching & recruitment (including contracts & sales) are the two main constraints at the moment. And one man is majorly responsible for both of those departments.


You watch Bayern get knocked out of the CL group phase just so we can get them in the knockouts…


Call me crazy but I think its overstated how much the owner has to do with the failures weve grown accustomed to; Wenger still spent over 100m last summer and there are plenty of manager who would work magic if they had this squad and those kind of sums


Nil - nil next week at anfield. Death, taxes, and Arsenal in the CL :smiley:


Incredibly, that still wouldn’t surprise me.

A few years ago on the old site I remember being ridiculed for believing winning the FA Cup should carry a Champions League place.

Not such a bad idea now, is it? :joy:


After 38 games the league does not lie. Every team deserve to be exactly where they finish.

It’s a much needed wake up call. We have rode our ‘luck’ in recent years, against Villa for 4th when we bought Arshavin and Villa collapsed. Or most memorably against WBA on the last matchday.

Losing 5 of our last 7 away games sealed our fate regardless of recent form. Lets just make this a one off and fucking come back fighting next season, Wenger or without.


I thought I had already come to terms with us ending up out of the top four, but I seriously cannot be fucked with the EL after reading some of these comments. I don’t particularly fancy playing on a Thursday, who the hell watches football on a thursday, and I genuinely cannot be fucked to watch us play against some utter shit teams that I’ve never heard of before.


I won’t be watching, and I don’t say that to be dramatic. The working week is so mentally busy for me that Ive struggled with CL games since I started teaching. Europa League against FC Bollock of Bollockstan has got no chance.


Really? I’d imagine the entire football fan base would be tuning in to watch that fixture :grin:


The win for Lverpool is a massive blow for us but all we can do is keep winning, and try put the pressure on the final day. Yes Boro are crap, but Liverpool have had odd games against lower opposition this season, so asking to take points off them is not completely out of the question.

Whatever our final position is this season, there’s a lot to learnt and taken away from our mistakes this season. The irony is, we’re probably going to end up with more points than last season, but not even finish top 4.


Progress :wenger:


Yeah, like actually being prepared for the first game of the season :facepalm:


I will most likely be attending the Europa games, but you know what they say about a fool and their money :laughing: Actually possibly not as my work life is getting increasingly unforgiving especially in the summer months.

If you look at Manchester Utd, they have a big squad and have been able to progress fairly smoothly all the way through the Europa, whilst getting pretty close in the end to the top 4. Our squad maybe a tad smaller but we have enough Yoof options, mix a few of those in with the Iwobis and Chambers, we can still go a fair way

I don’t think the club will WANT to be seen to be binning this competition off too early, I could be wrong.

And finally, re: Sanchozil, this probably will be terminal for their future Arsenal careers, but I really think at least Sanchez was heading off anyway. I just don’t believe in any of this badge pointing/kissing and when the season ends and he’s sat in a room with his agent, all the emotion drains out of it and cold hard realism sets in!


Spurs fans singing about Sol Campbell having HIV… Classy, that’s how you say goodbye to WHL :neutral_face:


Yes, to have 75 points (potentially) and not finish in the top 4 is an incredibly difficult pill to swallow.


Well, you are being dramatic. By far the most teams in the Europa League are familiar enough names. Especially after group stages and there is often (only) one wtf-opponent in the group stage.

For fucks sake, this year we had fucking Ludogorets in the group stages.

Arsenal fans really need to get of their high horse regarding the Europa League.


Yup shit bunch of hypocritical wanker fans. You say Yid or anything they bang on the racist anti semitic drum…but yet they can call players all sorts of racist names wish death on people etc, beat up their own fans and others…not called the scum for nothing!


No high horse about it, I’m not refusing to watch, I’m just saying that midweek games are a struggle as it is for the biggest competition in club football and I can’t see things improving if we’re in the EL, a competition that’s really not very exciting and does absolutely contain a lot more obscure opposition in the earlier phases particularly. I’d imagine empty seats in te stadium will bear out that I’m not the only one to feel that way.