The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Take the rest of the day off.


Probably the last one, to be honest.

As much as it’ll be fun playing different teams going to Hadjuk Split and Rubin Kazan on a Thursday evening are not going to be particularly fun for us or our team.


Chambers will keep a cleen sheet at anfield, no worries.


Can see it now ‘we played a bit with the handbrake on, i feel we were a little jaded the schedule is taking it out of the players’


Is GFI having a ‘moment’ :grimacing:?


At the end of the day, much as we’ve pulled our act together the last couple of weeks, you can’t meltdown in the way we did mid season and expect to be playing Champions League football.

My biggest irritation is that we won’t avoid the Europa League, which is a fate worse than just not qualifying for the Champions League.


Hey guess what guys.

If we hadn’t lost to Palace or Watford or that other shit team we lost to that I can’t remember right now, we would be in this situation.

Imagine that! Hah!


Absolutely bang on, there’s such a litany of ridiculous and inadequate results and performances to point to to say we deserve it.

What I would say is that those who derided the significance of finishing in the top 4, and I 100% include myself in this, now better be prepared for the consequences, which I strongly suspect will include the loss of Ozil and Sanchez.



The worst part is that all of this could have been avoided with literally just one win against those three teams. So ridiculous, can’t believe the team can have such massive swings in quality.

How can you be so consistently inconsistent every season, bang on cue? Like there must be something quantifiable going on in our training regime or routine for it to happen every winter even with different players?


And the big worry with that is United will likely win the Europa this season so we’ll be the only top 6 side in the competition.


I’d almost rather just sack off the EL from the get go so we can work on preserving our form in the league or face the fate of Liverpool which is years and years out in the wilderness.

Honestly we’re already a bigger meme than Liverpool were even in their wilderness years.


The thing is, it has happened to Arsenal sides with wildly different levels of quality. Our current squad is really quite strong in terms of the sum of its parts, yet it folds under pressure just as the Denilson/Squillaci/Silvestre side did.

That says it’s something in the culture of the club, and though that’s certainly something the manager has to answer for, I’m not sure removing him will entirely address that problem.


Maybe all of the team are severely low on Vitamin D lol, Every fucking winter the go into fatigue sluggish shit football and looked tired and depressed and out of it, as soon as the sun is out again they perform. Laughing about it, but i wonder if something like that could be a problem…Vitamin D deficiency is a massive problem and can fuck you up majorly. I know its too simplistic to say this, but it is so odd that the players seem so lethargic and incompetant during the winter months then later on they play like we know they can do (normally around this time)


That hadn’t occurred to me. You’re absolutely right though, trying to sustain that shower of shit whilst trying to put together decent domestic form is going to be a big task.


Just throw it?


If it has to do with the culture then it means we need an entire clear out from top to bottom.

That means CEO and executives as well as right down to the administrative staff, coaching staff and the fucking kit man.

It can’t ALL solely be Wenger’s fault, we’ve had dozens and dozens of different players of the years so it’s not all them, which means it has to be an endemic thing throughout the organisation which means it’s even hard to tackle and get a grip on.

Maybe we do need someone like Usmanov to come in and purge everyone and implement his own ruthless team of winner execs.


In reality that won’t happen, we might treat it with the seriousness of say, the league cup, we might rotate heavily, but we won’t just throw it.

The problem is even if we rotate, the games eat up training and preparation time, the attention of our scouts, coaches and manager. It will be a drain on our resources.

And I’m absolutely certain we’ll get nowhere near winning it.


I pray that we use mostly a second XI in the group staged and dont go full strength unless we’re deeper into the knockouts…

At least we wont be losing 10-2 to anyone in that competition


I wouldn’t rule it out…i mean we can lose 3-1 to fucking watford!