The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


^^ Do you think that because some of them wave flags a lot and give themselves a silly name?


Or because they drink a lot of beer before the game :mustafi:


Game over. Benteke.


Well, on the plus side - with relegation and the champions sorted, the TV matches next week will have to focus on the top 4 battle, surely?


Bye Hull. Don’t hurry back.


Clear handball by Puncheon!
Hull need a miracle now.


Duck off Hull. Won’t miss them.


Sturridge starts.


Come on lads, I love you all - except you, James Collins - you can do it! :pray:


He probably thinks that because they have a pretty fantastic fanbase in stadium.

In your experience whos better?


I’d have to goto a long run of home games for each club to be able to answer that, including matches of different types with different things riding on them etc.

I just don’t tend to agree with sweeping generalisations about things like that. Also, Selhurst Park is a close ground that will amplify noise a lot more than the bowl stadiums

See criticisms by West Ham fans of their own new ground vs their old ground


3-0 Palace. Bye bye Hull.


Shame really, the shit footballing team stays up. Silva done a great job with that squad.


4-0 :mustafi:


How do you have the stamina to update the scores so regularly :slight_smile:


My PC :mustafi:


That was absolutely pathetic by Hull! There was no fight at all.

Glad they’re gone. Sunderland, Boro and Hull - I’m delighted with that as a clear out.


Decent chance there for Byram. Thought that was the 1-0. :expressionless:


Matip misses a golden chance as well.


Draw works for us as well right?