The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread




I really dislike some of the stats that get put out there these days. I don’t suppose they provided the rationale for Swanseas 1.7% chance of being relegated did they?


Probably they used something similar to this.


The day that the stats start providing insight into consistent wins in betting is the day I’ll start giving a flying fuck about them.


I’ve got this unshakeable feeling that they’re dropping points tomorrow.

It would be doubly sweet because finishing above them means 60 quid off my Liverpool supporting mate lol


I need to make friends with your mates. They seem to like giving money away!


Getting money off a Liverpool fan lmao.

There I was thinking you were pretty level headed mate.


Everyone had smaller crowds before the prem tbf. Marketing and change of image has changed the game forever that way. Be plenty on here who would say our support at home is plastic.
Yeah they got lucky with Abromovich, but they were just starting to make cup f8nals before he came under Harding. Also had 2 european trophies before hand.
Its about now not yesterday anyway. Liverpool dominated for 20 years at the top before united took over. United reaped the benefits though as football became showbiz.
If its all about history though well a dozen years at the top is going to cement theirs anyway you look at it.


They’ll steal a few hubcaps and round the money up no probs :henry2:


The only reason it’s 60 quid at stake is because it’s effectively double or quits because he didn’t pay out in the same bet from last season :laughing:


Pahaha. Great meme.


I had a similar double or quits bet with my United mate but him being Irish I guess I knew I was never getting that money.

I use it as a gift certificate though and every time he mouths off about our poor results I just remind him he owes me a few quid and it shuts him right up.



C’mon Hull! Drag Palace in the relegation zone!


I think it gets resolved today with a Palace win.

Hull really shot themselves in the foot by not beating Sunderland.


Yes come on Hull. Make the last day a little bit exciting!


They also shot themselves in the foot by starting the season with only about 8 players :sweat_smile:


I guess it’s amazing they didn’t end the season with a Derby-esque points tally given how it all started for them back in August :thinking:


Ranocchia ahahah! 1-0 Zaha!
Palace are probably the loudest fans in the league.
Great tempo in this game.
Tomkins so close to the 2-0!