The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


City lead 1-0

Looked offside


That finish.



Okazaki… :rosicky:


Take a bow son!


Penalty Leicester LOOOL

Fucking hell Mahrez




Fuck sake lol.


Ffs Mahrez.


Mahrez, you kebab tool! :mustafi:


and to think he might be our player next season (highly unlikely but a possibility) fuck you Mahrez could have made the top 4 a bit more exciting!


Hull are relegated if they don’t win tomorrow.


Good call from the ref on the Mahrez penalty.

Also good for Swansea that they’ve won again. Would much rather have them stay up over the other teams as they usually play good football.


Well done to Swansea, commiserations to Hull, but again with their manager Silva (if he stays) they will be challenging for promotion straight back again.


Fucking hell lol I’m away in Newcastle and miss us hammer Stoke away!

How good have we been?!


Pretty good at times. Very clinical.

And Holding again, top notch :ok_hand:


What the fuck are you doing in Newcastle anyway?


Nightclubs :wink:


I don’t see Liverpool dropping points in their last two games.

As much as we’ve had a resurgence we’re destined to fall outside the top 4 I think.


I only saw the 2nd half of this, but collectively it’s the best Arsenal performance I’ve seen in ages.

Including in that how well we defended that succession of Stoke corners and the pressure that came after they scored their handball goal.

A win away at Stoke when Mike Dean is the referee is almost winning the Arsenal away day lottery


Isn’t Newcastle the Mallorca Great Britain’s?

Anyway, have fun. Enjoy your birthday celebrations.