The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Glad you’re enjoying it lol


Hah. Enjoying wouldn’t be the word I would use.

Just loved seeing a manager showing so much passion lol never seen anything like it.

Just a shame it’s Chelsea :disappointed:



Anyone know who Pat Holland is?


They are still 7 titles behind.


Who’d have thought this pile of shit team that we absolutely battered would go on to have an outstanding 90-93 point season.


Spurs not winning the title is nice, though I don’t think it was every really a possibility. Have to say though that it’s been sicking watching Chelsea just walk the league after the mess they were last season. Glad I didn’t watch any of that shite tonight.


My conversation with a Chelsea fan…


Poor Matt, two smiley responses in a row.


Friend zone


I got a sneaky feeling Leicester could surprise City today.


Manchester City are due a win against em. Can’t see it happening today (although even a draw would help us no end)


I think city are the more likely to drop points than Liverpool. Very inconsistent and dont do well against Leicester.


Leicester can finish 8th. That seems crazy considering they were on the verge of relegation not that long ago. Have they been great over the last few months or is every team outside of the top 5/6/7 just bloody awful?


There was a player who used to play for West Ham called that. He also done some coaching with Arsenal under 18s.
Not sure if you meant male or female. Thats the only one I know.


Male. He played for West Ham for a long time. This random old guy was chatting to me last night and mentioned him, said they played together and were still mates now.

Old people have the best stories.


We think we do.


The problem is that they have a better GD than us. Need them to lose and us to hammer Stoke.


He owns a Wine Bar opposite Shenfield station quite near me.

He used to play for West Ham and I think he did a bit of coaching at spurs.

He was a decent player for West Ham.


They are a plastic club, despite their success.

They were going out of business until they got lucky with Abramovich.
They were a yo-yo team between the two top divisions.

But if you look at their attendances before they were taken over, they were comparable, or even smaller than other London clubs like us, spurs and West Ham.

Where were all those supporters when they didn’t have an oil rich team?

Money makes a successful club and then obviously they get more supporters.

What makes them plastic, is that the money wasn’t generated by supporters, it came from a Russian crook, so all the support they have now isn’t from genuine supporters, it’s from glory hunters.

A bit like most Man supporters.