The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


We aren’t coming top 4 because we simply aren’t good enough, it’s mathematically possible but the reality is we are just diabolical.


Just saying. Let me dream for once :xhaka:


Aren’t you going to do so about our remaining games anyway, considering that you’re not going to watch a single Arsenal game for the remainder of the season.


I have stopped watching since watford I’m not even bothered anymore. I looked at the table and face palmed we have gone to the shutters it’s not funny at all but typical


Same the game before the Watford game was the last I watched.

I used to watch every single fucking League Cup game against Shrewsbury on dodgy Russian streams, but this Christmas I saw the inevitable crash coming despite hoping the strong start to the season would be different.

Just got so fucking fed up of it now, the joy of watching Arsenal has completely petered out for me,


I’ve been healed of my Stockholm syndrome. Only an insane person can watch an arsenal game at this moment in time. I just don’t have the mental fortitude anymore lol


Will we finish in the top 4?

  • Yes
  • No

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Liverpool unbeaten against top 6 sides this season then. Hugely impressive, yet somehow only 6 points above Arsenal, so bizarre


Losing to teams like Bournemouth 4-3 when you’re 2-1 will do that to you.


Normally we find a way for top 4 but this year I can’t see it happening, it’s the first time I’ve felt Wenger has completely lost the players and also the competition for top 4 places is stronger.


Lol imagine if wenger came out with in a press conference if we won our next game ‘it is still mathmatically possible for us to win the league and we should focus on winning our games and see if we can do it’


He wouldn’t be wrong to be fair. 19 points is nothing right? :sunglasses:


West Ham vs Tottenham on a Friday night… :thinking:
I can see this going very wrong lol


So what do we want today? A draw or an Everton win?


Expected line up by Liverpool.


Why the fuck would we want a draw? If we’re actually fighting for 6th place with Everton then they’re welcome to it.


If Everton get anything from today’s match we will be 7th.

The lowest we have been at this stage of the season ever under Wenger



I’ve said a few times this season that anyone, or all of the other top six teams could finish above us.
I have also put Everton on that list in recent games because they are showing more ambition than we are as a club.

Don’t under estimate how far we can fall in the League.
I still think we can get top six but top four is out of our reach.


As if we’d want a draw. Come on Everton! Though they haven’t won a league game at Anfield this century so I won’t hold my breath!


What a goal Mane!!!