The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Some stupidly good through balls by ManCity… They can make creating chances look so easy.


Great first half. Both sides deserved to score.


Watching City and Liverpool both attack AND defend well just highlights even more how shit we are in comparison. Great game so far.


Chance for Manè.




Milner never fails to convert his penalties!


Michael Oliver has had 3 penalty decisions to make and has got them all wrong! Could/should be 2-0 City.


What’s wrong with the penalty he gave? Was a good call imo.


Firmino bottles it. Should have been 2-0 to Liverpool.
Liverpool should kill the game off on counter.
Sagna on for Tourè so Fernandinho to play as DM.




Great finish! Tyler over the moon :mustafi:


Just seemed rather soft to me, especially given how the rest of the game has gone and what the referee has ignored. Clichy was clumsy for sure, but he got a touch on the ball. It was certainly a lot less of a penalty than the Sterling one, which wasn’t given.


Comical! City wasted a better chance than the one in the first half!


:grimacing: Lallana


City look better without Yaya.
Game of the season? Truly wonderful!


Lallana :joy::joy::joy: easier to score! Would have been a great goal too, that pass to Firmino was :ok_hand:


Aguero’s movement on the first post is fantastic.
Game of the missed chances! Now it’s Aguero’s time!


For me it is that he would have still had the ball on his feet if he wasn’t taken down, which makes it a pen. You’re right though that there were clearer instances that weren’t given.


Good result in the end. 6 points off 4th and 7 off 3rd, with two games in hand.


Yeah, good result for us - if we do indeed rediscover our footballing brains and attempt a fight for the top 4. Good news for Man City too: John Stones wasn’t awful :dizzy_face: