The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


So? Who gives a fuck. Not in the title race.


Jack on the bench, just being rested…:wink:


Everton with 3 very tough games coming up, if it weren’t for that I think we could be down in 7th by early April


They are 2 games ahead of us, so it’s not quite that bad.


Fighting with Everton now :xhaka: . A new low for us.


At least we are above the united. Positives and all :wink:


When Fellaini scores you know you are so shit.
2-0 Lingard. Great goal, shit defending.


Holy fuck… Lingard makes football look easy.


Watch Boro giving us a beating.


Game on! Smalling fucks it up and Boro pulls one back.


imagine conceding to Boro. They hadn’t scored for about 693 hours before Chris Smalling decided to do an impression of a giraffe!


Negredo should have shoot immediately here.


“giraffe” :mustafi:

Bambi on ice.


:joy: Valdes


Well, Boro showed great spirit, but they are just too shit. Deserve to go down. Coward tactics by Mourinho though.




I fucking love Valdes, but that goal is comical.

How the hell are we going to finish behind this Man United team :joy:. Regardless of how much they’ve spent they still don’t impress me. Expect the class between the two teams to appear far greater than it is when they inevitably get the three points when we meet at the Emirates


They missed Ibra, Herrera and Pogba today though. But yeah, hardly better than us. Their lack of finishing may cost them in the run-in.


Not hard to imagine at all, sounds like exactly the kind of thing we’d do lol.


I’m laughing right now but on the verge of tears as well :joy: