The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Can golazooo!!

2-1 Liverpool


Christ! Great goal by that shit.
Burnley’s shit away form continue.
Liverpool still look bang average though.


I know exactly why you said that.


2-1 FT for Liverpool. But they were dominated by Burnley for a large part of the game.


Pressure now mounting on that " 4th placed trophy"


Carra ready to knock Readknapp’s head off lol


Wow Leicester 2-0 up alrready! After just 7 minutes. :snake:




Chelsea and Everton up as well. Koeman’s side are level on points with us.


The Snakes are on red hot form since they decided to start caring about their day job again, good on you guys


3-1 Vardy and Walters equalizes thanks to a penalty.


Problem is though i can see our cuntbag players doing the same thing…wenger announces he is leaving (hopefully) the all of a sudden they will have league winning form if not this season the next one, as i keep on saying i feel our players are capable of far more but they are purposefully putting is shit performances, i dont see these fuckers as much different to the leicester and chavski cunts they are just more insidious about it!


I fail to see why that is a problem. Isn’t part of the reason we want Wenger gone because he isn’t getting the best from the players? So if a new manager comes in and gets us playing like Barcelona then I don’t think they’ll be many people describing it as a “problem”


Difference being those players lousy attitude was inflated by winning League titles.
Ours dont have ego or pedigree so the result is apathy and surrender.


I see it as a problem because the players are plainly better than they are but they are CHOOSING to be lousy, that to me whether we want wenger gone or not is really unprofessional.


Yeah but what if Wenger is making his and their positions at the club untenable.

Maybe they’re doing it for the great good.


Are they making that choice though? Obviously the players should take some responsibility but if they’re being made to play in a system or in a way that doesn’t suit them then that falls at the manager’s door.

I don’t think our situation is the same as Leicester’s anyway. I believe the majority of our players do in fact like playing for Wenger.


Guess so, it just seems they are not putting in their best and i HATE that, but at the end of the day if things arent working maybe its for the best but at the same time you feel cheated as a fan watching this hapless stuff week in week out when you know they can be 100% better.


Only one goal difference between us and Everton. Pathetic. Chelsea win it in the end though.


We’re just the 19 points behind Chelsea now. No biggie.