The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Chelsea dangerous from the kick off :smiley:
Poor Andy! So big, so fragile!
Boring game.
Great gameplan by West Ham: just hoof the ball to Carroll.


Hazard 0-1

Brilliant counter attacking goal :clap:


The title is heading to Stamford Bridge. 1-0 Hazard.


Now Abramovich " built that club"


It’s amazing the things you can do when you actually have a midfield isn’t it?


Conte is furious even if they are up :smiley:


I have a bad feeling about Tottenham. :persevere: Think 2nd is there’s to take. We came super close last season but think this is the season sadly…

Will Tottenham finish above us?

I said quite a while ago I thought we would be out of the top four and spurs would be above us, but was told by the AKB’s that spurs always bottle it and Wenger knew how to get a top four place.

I can’t see how it is possible we could finish above them as I don’t think we will be higher than fifth.
In fact I still think Man U will be above us, so we will be lower than that.

They have a better manager, a better organised team and younger players.
They are looking forward to a new stadium and are showing some ambition.

We are…?
Answers on a postcard.


United have thrown too many points away and Liverpool can only perform in a big game. It’s a tight race with them.


What’s up with the replies? :bellerin:


Christ! That was a good chance for West Ham!
WOW! Chelsea had 3 chances in a row on counter.
Fonte is finished.
Easiest goal ever. 2-0 and the title is almost over.
Lol at this attempt!
Not a bad attempt by Carroll, tbh.
Terrible, terrible football by West Ham.
2-1 FT for Chelsea. Even if they didn’t play that well they did more than enough to win the game. Solid team.




1-1 Bournemouth with King after Antonio had put West Ham up.
Bournemouth miss another penalty!
Massive chance for Hull. Fabianski just anticipates Hernandez before he heads the ball in.
Everton up with Mirallas.
2-0 Schneiderlin!
Bournemouth take the lead at their third attempt :smiley:
Massive goal for Hull with N’Diaye.
Can’t believe Niasse scored! 2-0 Hull!
2-2 Ayew and 3-0 Lukaku.
Hattrick for King! 3-2 Bournemouth!


Im watching Bournemouth - West Ham atm. Wilshere came on for the last 5 mins and had an integral part in what looks like a last minute winner. 3-2 great game.


Swansea pull one back. Let’s see if they can pull out a Barcellona.


Super Jacky…


Massive win for Hull.


C’mon Burnley!
Promising start by the Clarets.
Lolerpool being Lolerpool against the smallest teams! 1-0 Burnley!
Big chance, but it was offside. Keep it up Burnley!


Liverpool’s inconsistency against these types of teams is really haunting them… down 1-0 already… a strange team.


Liverpool look flat. But they should be ok by only playing only once per week.
Liverpool need a whole new squad. I am not joking.
Fuck! 1-1. Weird goal.


What it is is that bigger teams attack so they can counter but smaller teams will be less adventours