The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Sanè. Really like him. He’s got that German efficiency.


City running away with it :santi:


I know there’s time for things to change, but more and more it just feels like it’s slip slidin’ away for us.


As I said a couple of weeks ago Spurs and Citeh are coming 2nd and 3rd, Liverpool, Us and United is a flip of the coin between 4th-6th.


Title back on if Chelsea don’t win today?


Well seeing whose second im needing them to win.


I have a bad feeling about Tottenham. :persevere: Think 2nd is there’s to take. We came super close last season but think this is the season sadly…

Will Tottenham finish above us?

  • Yes
  • No

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Chelsea won’t mess up so we don’t need to worry about Spurs winning the league. And I’m not really that bothered about them finishing about us, I had resigned myself to it happening last season anyway. Besides, I think we have much bigger problems.


Spurs finishing above us was bound to happen eventually.

21 years is a good run.


Not really bothered by Tottenham or Chelsea any more.

Our club is a mess. Far worse things within than without.


It’s definitely happening this season


I’m bothered about the outside prospect of Tottenham winning the league, and also the fairly realistic prospect of any of Tottenham/Chelsea/United beating us in the Fa Cup. Less so in the semi final. Sorry for the shocking lack of confidence but that’s what this team does to you.

As for Chelsea winning another title, not so fussed. They’re better than us right now and I’m conditioned to it.


I know everyone is down right now, but just as easy as it was to predict our title fight being over and getting knocked out of the CL come March, it’s been just as easy to predict what will happen immediately after. We’ll get a run of easy PL matches, make a big run and finish top 4. Spurs are what? 5 points up and we have a game in hand? That is almost nothing considering we have been on an abysmal run. Wouldn’t suprise me one bit if we finish ahead of them again. They are basically playing some of their best football ever and we are at our mediocre to worst and there’s hardly nothing separating the two sides. Times are dark but they aren’t that bad yet.


No game is easy for this “team” Hello Watford at home


Meh, cmon mr predictable. How many times in the last 10 years do we get knocked out of all comps and then go on to win the majority of our matches from march - may? What seems like a difficult match in February usually turns into a walk in the park come April. The pressure being off is the main reason, but we still seem to do it a lot.


Yeah that’s when the league was weaker. No chance that’s happening this time


Lol, it’s funny. Cause every year the most pessimistic fans say we won’t win the league, get knocked out of thr CL ect ect. Yup sadly they are always right. However then they say no way we’ll stay top 4 or finish above thw scum. Then they got proven wrong every year. It’s just as predictable as the rest tbh.



I voted no because they are Spurs :wenger:. Don’t really give a fuck though.


Go on then, West Ham 2 - 1 Chelsea