The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


I really hope so! I think the axis of Kane, Alli, and Pochetino (perhaps Lloris aswell), is key. If one of them leaves then it would send a signal to the rest of them.

But the thought of him scoring this amount of goals for United is probably just as sickening haha.


Is Koeman retarded or what? Everton insist to play through the middle, FFS!


Just did :wink:


Lol. I should insult him more often.

Does Lukaku ever score hat-tricks against Spurs?!


One more, please!
Close hattrick.


Two casual goals for Everton. Deserved win for Tottenham. Hope they have another collapse in the last month though :wink:


Really good game to watch… Anyone who thinks we play more exciting football than Spurs atm aren’t watching. Spurs look like they are doing enough to get the points - feel their momentum is growing this year at a crucial time. I am not optimistic we will catch them - 6 points behind with a game in hand and big GD gulf…


1 in 21 years is ok. One game in hand though.


What a chance for Sunderland!


Sunderland haven’t lost hope yet… good for them. They will likely lose today, but they are giving City a game.


Game over. Aguero. So undeserved.


Since when does winning 1-0 mean the game is over?

Wish that rule applied when we went 1-0 up against City and Everton etc etc


The top 3 is sealed.


LOL! Sunderland are not coming back.


It really isn’t. By far.


So you think we are catching City and Tottenham?


Liverpool, Man Utd and we (lol) can still catch them.


No, but Liverpool could, or Manchester United, on the run they’re having.

If Liverpool beat Man City in another Big Game Performance in a couple of weeks then they’ve reeled them back in.


We can catch them but we’ll probably have to achieve more than draws in the remaining big games to do so, which I doubt we’ll do.


Sunderland deserve to go down. 2-0 Sanè.