The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


So much for super Koemann.




He wouldn’t really improve us that much.


Wasnt he linked with Barcelona lol


And with us, i think.


Spurs finishing ahead of us in the League would put the nail in the coffin for Arsene. Still enough time in the season though to fuck up somewhere though :gunnersaurus:


If they finished 3rd and us 4th the board wouldn’t give a fuck, tbh.


Surely, Koeman has to show more courage in the second half. There is no need to play defensive anymore.


I was alive the last time they finished above us… New bumper sticker…


Cant see them scum doing what we did… After dominating them…sit back and hold on…



Guess Who :pensive:

I fucking hate Tottenham


Everton :xhaka:


He’s a former Barca player so hardly surprising his name would be mentioned.


Christ Koeman! Try to make some changes at least. One goal and it is game on!


Does Lukaku ever score against decent teams?


No, still not convinced by him.


Kane is annoyingly good. Probably the best goalscorer in the Premier league at the moment. Far from being a one season wonder.


Might actually get another hat trick today… ridiculously good atm.


Yup, he scores against us…ohhhhhhh…waaaaaaiiiit :santi:


Haha he wont be at the spuds for long, you hear the sounds of his interviews he was saying he desperately needs to get trophies and then he will be contented, he aint getting that at spuds it sounds like he is trying to delicately tell the fans that he is not happy and will be looking to move in time.