The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Burnley got a pnalty for a handball they committed. Refs are having a mare today!


Swansea are all over them… Seen that Sigardson(sp) a few times now…got something about him…


siggy is a ledge. great player for a lesser team.


Better than a lot of the chaff we have…


So because some idiot in the sunday papers decided that Howe was an Arsenal target it’s cool to hate on him now? Despite getting a tiny club promoted from League One to the Premier League when he was 37 and being 4 (now 5) points above the drop zone because he struggled at Old Trafford? Hmm ok.


Howe deserves a lot of plaudits for his work at Bournemouth. He’s certainly a future England manager and I actually wanted him to take the job before even Fat Sam got it.


Gabbiadini scores again.


6 in 5 for him! What a start! Leicester back to back wins, too.


Snobbery at Arsenal is rife…unless its a silver spoon manager no one else is worthy…


Foxes safe as houses now in 2 games.


Bunch of fuckers should be relegated, absolute scumbags!


Modern day footballers the world over mate.


How can Alderweireld recover from a groin injury in just one week? An Arsenal player would have taken minimum 3 weeks to do it.


Kane is so clinical this year… F*ck they are getting more daylight between us. GK should have saved it probably, but Kane’s strike was impressive.


I do really hope Kane gets injured. He is annoying.


What a goal from Kane. Nearly had a second there aswell.

Spurs looking good again. :neutral_face:


Harry Kane is definitely showing that he wasn’t just a one season wonder/flash in the pan. Good news for England, shit news for the rest of time :angry:


As expected, Everton have collapsed. Arsenal from Liverpool.


Pathetic display by Everton. Another 4-0 is on the cards for Tottenham.


The fuck is this celebration?