The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


5 minutes added on.


5 minutes…WTF where the fuck did that amount come from?


Pogba :coq:




LOL!!! Stuck in 6th!


Let’s head to the BL thread. It is a very good thread. Bigly!


Howe just left Old Trafford with a point, against an in-form United with 10 men like…


Lol they finally had the chance to get out of 6th place and the fuck it up :joy::joy:



No, no it isn’t.


Holy fuck… that was a big bottle job by them. Friend’s inconsistency may have even helped Bournemouth in the end to a point lol. There should be a couple of fines coming towards both teams after this game.


Mings and Ibra should really get retrospective bans for their bullshit, but i am not sure if it will happen. Manu without Ibra for a few games could make them even weaker.


Didn’t the referee see Ibra’s challenge though? Why else would he have spent so long talking to him afterwards?! But then that begs the question, if he saw it how could he not show a red?!

Mings will be banned for sure though.


Mings is a massive cunt.

Felt sorry for him after his long term injuries but not any more.


Bournemouth players were upset and Surman pushed him to the ground, which was why he got the second yellow. It may have had a connection to that. Surely if he saw it he would have at least booked him, so there’s hope that there will be a couple of bans.


Commentator on radio (talksport) seemed to indicate he thought Mings stamp wasn’t intentional… haven’t yet watched it all, but it certainly sounds like Ibra is in for ban - have to see the Mings incident before I can pass judgment.


mings stamp is above in a video


hmmm yeah, looked a bit dodgy to me… I’d give him a ban just because he seems to throw his foot down harder than normal stride and was seeming to be looking in the direction to see what he was doing…




Burnleys pen shouldnt have been given…clearly handled by Burnley player…
Only interested as i have Swansea in my acca…

Video evidence would have sorted that out…


I hate how their forum software autocorrects any use of ‘fuck’ to ‘feck’, it makes them sound like an even bigger bunch of idiots than they would do already.