The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Zlatan’s elbow was clearly intentional. I don’t know if we can talk with the same sense about the Ming’s stamp (not intentional).

…and fuck off to the video technology. Sunday Pub League referees are capable to note action like these, they don’t need an help.


Tbf if video refereeing was being used on this game only one player would have been off and that’s the Bournemouth one as the elbow happened after the corner was given. In that sense the ref isn’t actually dragging ManUtd to a win here.


That stamp by Mings was disgusting. Defo a punishment coming his way. Wonder what José said to him, “I’ll be waiting for you outside”


What an own goal that would have been!


Just seen what Mings done. Why TF would you do that. Horrific. Deserves a long ban


A goal is coming very soon.



Rashford, Lingard and Fellaini all to come off the bench at the same time.


fair play to ibrahimovic (should have not elbowed) but with a foul like that most players would be rolling around like they have been shot by an ak47, either he has a hard head or he is just a hard man…i think its a bit of both.


Well…it was coming.


It is getting nastier and nastier.
Friend with the worst referee performance of the season.


Justice was done with that save, was never a penalty! This referee is a proper Homer Simpson!



United are getting far too many gift decisions lol


and still could end up 6th hahaha


Pogba with a performance where he just doesn’t give a fuck.


what like every other game? Maybe he doesnt feel like dabbing today, or having a bad hair day :santi:


This is surely going to be a late win.


Should have been another penalty lol


Yup so annoyingly typical cunty manu!