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How did he chicken out exactly?


Did not inform UFC medical staff, just went to the hospital by himself(his team ofc) just a couple of hours before the weigh-in, when UFC asked his dad he said he was ok and resting on his room.
Even a few minutes before they were still waiting for him to show up o rhis team to make a formal statement.

Had months to prepare for this fight correctly, for sure he wasn’t ready a few week ago and come up wit this dubios excuse that could not make weight. He could have lost 30% of his pay and make the fight happen.

For me he did that to avoid losing money or to get beat as he wasn’t ready for the fight.

Even Dana White said he does not kwno why they did not infor UFC medical staff, that if they would have done it they could have save the fight. Probably khabib knew that so he just backed down.

I’m completeley dissapointed by khabib, totally unprofessional for someone that claims to be and uncrowned champion.

Hopefully Tony can get the next on the line or even mcgregor in some time(in case the big pay day of him vs floyd does not occur).




Too soon for Yair, one of the best young fighters around but Frankie is going to make easy work of him.


We’ll see of what he is made of based of his performance against such a warrior.




Goodbye Rumble. Clearly his heart isn’t in it any more and his performance was the opposite of smart. It seemed he didn’t really learn anything from the first fight. It’s a shame we never got to see Rumble vs Bones. I felt stylistically that could have been very interesting.


“Kings go to other kings’ villages and they take over.”

Max “Blessed” Holloway what a performance in Jose Aldo’s own back yard. :raised_hands:t3:


Somewhere in New Jersey is a happy Frankie Edgar.


wow, just seen one of the most badass finishes ever by Heather Hardy in her MMA debut!!


This is amazing, they need to do it for some of their actual UFC shows and not just the Tuesday night contender series.




Not long left…


I wonder if Jon Jones has sorted out his gyno yet. He had the audacity to try and deny he used steroids didn’t he?


I reckon his wife can sort that out for herself


DC is going to get merked


Gonna miss the fight FFS


How come?


I’ll be leaving around 5 for the airport.