The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


Great fight.


Great test for both fighters tbh. Mousasi lost against both the top level guys he has fought in the UFC (Machida, Jacare). Weidman is on a two-game losing streak, obviously.


With form like that I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t pull out of the Khabib fight due to injury.


Can’t wait to see Khabib v Ferguson. It may not get the kind of pay-per-view success the new owners are looking for, but it’s a seriously top fight for actual MMA fans. Quite certain McGregor’s next (and perhaps last) UFC bout will be a title defence against the winner. It’s great having two pulsating fights to look forward to over the coming year or so.


On the video i posted above from helwani interview to ferguson, tony mentioned his name has not been so exposed because UFC have him fight @ufc fight night instead PPV. He is a great fighter but very underrated, until the past year i have notice he has been getting the proper attention based on his performances, but he has been good for a long time.

If he were more famous outside the MMA fans i mean the typical average gringo that dont know anything about martial arts but like UFC and know who is mcgregor, rousey, silva and watch it because of them, the PPV would be huge.

I cant wait to see it, tony and khabib are really top notch fighters.


Agreed it’s a great match up. They should both basically spend the entire build up talking shit about McGregor and see if they can gain a bit of interest that way. If mcgregor has interest in fighting again in UFC he’s almost certain to bite at some stage.


McGregor is flying Ariel Helwani to Manchester to do an interview and is putting it on PPV :joy::joy:


He surely won’t want to go down as the man who didn’t ever defend his belts. Matter of time I believe.


The main event for this card will be Cormier - Rumble II. This is going to be a decision for Cormier again I reckon.



What’s wrong with those 5000 people?


That tweet or post i think is very disrespectful. He is going way too far in his trash and money talk.


UFC created their own monster and now he can shit all over them whenever he likes. Hilarious tbh.


I agree with you, he si a great fighter and very entertaining to watch(despite all the bullshit he talks) but he is now going way too far.

Maybe he consider himself the MMA God, i used to like his trash talk and the way he sells fights but is now getting annoying and disgusting.


If McGregor can talk himself into a hundred million dollar payday I think he’ll do it and possibly never fight again. Can’t say I blame him but it would be a shame if that’s how it goes.


“fuck you too pay me” :joy:

Love McGregor. Just takes the piss when he wants and to he wants.



Fucking lol :joy:


Yoel is fucking hilarious.

He phoned into Michael Bispings podcast and started shouting down the phone.

“stfu poopy pants” :joy:


What a double whammy this is.