The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


I was trolled hard, was devastated when I realised it was fake :cry:


I got hyped seeing your post, but searched Twitter for “Khabib Ferguson” just to make sure. Then I saw the fake arse Twitter handle calling themselves Ariel Helwani and laughed. Went straight back to this tab and saw your post deleted and cracked up even more. Ahhhh that guy sold dreeeeams!




This the woman who constantly talked about how she’d knock Floyd out in a matter of seconds?

Seems she can’t handle strikers lol.

Always satisfying to see this arrogant bitch knocked out.


It was a good stoppage imo cos no way was she going to recover. Havent seen the garbrandt fight yet but happy with the result there too. :slight_smile:



2.5 million for less than a minute? Jesus wept. And then some.

Fucking gong show.


Seeing Rousey getting wrecked was a beautiful thing to behold. Let’s hope Khabib can demolish McGregor too.


Khabib will fight ferguson first.


No doubt. But I think he’ll win that one.

As off yet, Ferguson refuses to sign for that fight btw. He wants more money.




Tony Ferguson today:

I’m going to be mad if they don’t fight each other.


I love both fighters. should be a great fight.


Garbrandt claiming fighting Dillashaw doesn’t make sense because he doesn’t sell PPVs. Dillashaw beat the #3 and #4 ranked fighters. The Champ vs the number 1 contender makes sense on all levels. The UFC shouldn’t cater to people’ ignorance if they wouldn’t want to buy this fight… But they probably will.




Tony confirmed it too a few hours ago on twitter. Khabib vs Tony on UFC 209. Might be the 2nd best match up we could see this year.


Not a troll this time @hassassin :joy:


I am so happy that this is finally happening;


Great interview from tony before the fight was confirmed:

BTW helwani is so annoying.


Interesting point of view about the offer made from Dana white to floy mayweather: