The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


He’ll probably go into WWE


Diaz is gonna get knocked into retirement. And I cringe at the thought of Diaz going 5 rounds with Woodley without checking any leg kicks.

So many ways this fight goes bad for Diaz.


It makes sense when it’s clear McGregor isn’t going to fight in the UFC any more.


It’s all about the check for Diaz anyway. RIght now there seems to be nothing going on for Woodley at WW anyway, except Covington. So he’ll get a nice check. McGregor vs DIaz III isn’t a option anymore hopefully.


After RDA beat Lawler, it looks like that’s the fight Dana is trying to make for Woodley.

If I was Dana, I’d stick Darren Till in with Woodley :slight_smile:


I like Till but I think Woodley deals with him.

The guy I really want to see Till fight is Masvidal, would be an awesome fight.


Israel Adesanya is a star.


Have you drank beer out of a shoe? @Aussiegooner


Only filmed my mate do it, so its still something I need to tick off haha.




Indeed, but the kissing and love stuff was weird hahaha.





Can’t wait for this fight.