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Holy shit best looking car of the grid


The Mclaren is looking pretty sweet this season. Hopefully it performs just as well on the track.


Ok i take it all back these 2017 cars look sexy af out on track. :giroud2:


Mclaren Honda



:giroud2: :giroud2:

These cars are so much better proportioned and sexier looking (especially the rear with those fat ass tyres). My hype is rising through the roof.

Maybe ill stay up for quali this season for the first time since 2013.


It’s been an interesting first few days of testing. Mercedes as you’d expect have done a mighty amount of running, but so too have Ferrari.

Ferrari appears to have a really nice consistent grip and done some very good performances so far. Red Bull not really shown their hand so far, but pace wise pretty decent on the softs.

Mclaren have had a pretty torrid week so far, shades of mechnical woes that beset them in 2015.

Newbie Stroll has crashed three times this week, including two incidents today, stacking it into the wall :gunnersaurus:


Guess who are that team who always do well in pre-season, but then fuck it up when it matters :xhaka:


Newey said RBR have no bew bits on their car yet, that’s why it looks so basic. A bit worried about them if they are that confident that they can do that.


Why do I get the feeling that Mercedes are holding back their performance a little bit. Ferrari have posted impressive times with the soft tyres, almost matching the Mercs on ultrasoft but we have seen this before haven’t we? We know come qualifying day of the first GP, the Mercs will find that extra couple of tenths. In many ways, being a Ferrari fan is like being an Arsenal fan. The pre-season always fills you with hope and you feel this could be the year, until the first race/game, when reality hits you.


Exactly. Mercedes is clearly not showing their true potential. There is no need to do it now.


I just hope these changes will help to stire up the order. Last 10-12 seasons have been Ferrari dominating, then RB and now Mercedes. With only a couple of seasons in between where it was more open. I want the race decided on the track, not in the pits!


One more day of testing remaining. Teams been slowly turning up the wick. Mercedes set a 1:19:3 yesterday on Ultra Softs, and then Vettel smashes that with a 19:0 today, while lifting on the line, so could’ve easily done an 18. These cars are going well over 3 seconds faster than last year already at this early stages of the cars life.

Don’t want to get my hopes up too early on Ferrari, but been a lot of positive comments from people watching trackside on how good the cars is performing at the moment. As for Mclaren, they’re a fucking mess. They look like they might have to fight off Sauber for last place in Australia unless they find a solution very quickly. Alonso called the Honda engine, slow and unreliable, It was 26 kmh down on the home straight ffs :sweat_smile:

Also now Liberty Media ousted Bernie, there’s been a noticeable change already in content. Teams allowed to film in the pitlane. FOM themselves have installed onboard cameras on some of the cars and really making an effort to produce more content for fans.

Nice onboard of Bottas flying lap yesterday, really showing how much more corner speed these new cars produce :giroud2: (Video embedding blocked, you’ll need to view externally).


That Mercedes looks so beautiful from the in car camera. Really looking forward to seeing all of them on the track.


Lauda: “Ferrari is favourite in Australia”.

Already playing mind games :bellerin:


That Mercedes looked like it was on rails! Can definitely tell downforce and grip has improved with the new cars. Should see some more braver overtakes this season.


Well well well…Force India have announced a new title sponsor, who specialise in water technology, they’ll now be running in Pink colours this season!

We’ve gone from drab boring colour schemes for years, to now a grid full of technicolour dreamcoats :wenger:


That color pink is ugly. I’m not against pink all together. The old 90 's Penske cars from Indy are maybe my favorite cars of all time. Pastel pink tho, lol i dunno dawwwg.

That’s more like Salmon/hot pink but it still looks fucking awesome.


Force India looked best with its orange, white and green livery few years back. Now they look like fucking Palermo.


@Persona’s car. @CunningLinguist


When is the first race btw?


26th march in Melbourne.