The Official Formula One thread


Hope it don’t turn into Wacky Races.


Good riddance, the cunt. He has destroyed this sport.


Guy they got to replace him is one of Rupert Murdoch’s boys from Fox.

I’m happy Bernie’s gone but will he prove to be any better?



So it’s very much car launch this week. The Renault is the real standout so far, oh my days :heart_eyes:

And here’s a great view of the new wider/lower rear wing and the insanely massive tyres on the back.

:cech: :giroud2: :giroud2:


I love those big ol’ fat rears. More mechanical grip, please!!


Bit of a Renault fan boy but that does look sexy as fuck no one can deny!


dick nose tho…

as I understood they were meant to be gone this year, now everybody has them?!


Dick nose? Holy fuck if your dick looks like that you need get that shit checked bruh!! :laughing:


I have… Issues :santi:


I’m sure ur dick is a beautiful work of art my friend, like the delicate flower that it is. :giroud2:


Ferrari this friday. Vettel says he feels confident @Electrifying


It’s a beauty, much like lotus’s car, can’t go wrong with black and yellow/gold.

They hired Prost as a consultant too.


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:152, topic:119, full:true”]
Ferrari this friday. Vettel says he feels confident @Electrifying
[/quote]Teams like Ferrari and Mclaren seem to be paraodies of themselves these days. So often they hope and say they can achieve great things for the season ahead, and end up sucking so badly. I still fully expect them to keep screwing Kimi about in some manner :xhaka: Too much politics and shit in that team and lack of clear leadership.

In a funny sorta way, they’re a bit like Arsenal. Had their glory days in the early 00s, and since then can’t seem to recapture what made them great, and forever falling short of what’s required to win.


Fully agree. Vettel is like Wenger: he knows we can’t compete with Mercedes, but he still talks crap about winning the title.


It looks so nice, but i guess it is still slow :xhaka:. @Mysty @Electrifying


Those wings… The teams who have actually made it part of the colour scheme fine, but other it’s look awful.


Oh my days, Toro Rosso have had a total revamp of their livery, and it looks AMAZING :cech: :heart_eyes:

Reminds me a lot of the old Prost cars! Damn, some truly brilliant liveries and cars this year.


They were so boring last year, so yeah it’s a welcomed change.


The cars are looking real nice this year.