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I might watch this dying sport then.


Wow that is an incredible stat.

Not only is he the most uninspiring champion in history…he has now retired straight after. Defend your title you absolute pussy. Dislike pretty much everything about Tossberg.


What a strange decision! Wonder who Mercedes will be trying to go after now, no obvious candidates for me tbh.

Would absolutely love Fernando to get the seat but I realise that’s not going to happen.


My face when I saw the words Rosberg RETIREMENT. I thought WTF?! But fair play. To call time at the top at such a young age must’ve been a tough call to make.

It’s a real shame to not see him defend the title. I really wanted to see how he performed as a champion.

The last time anything like this happened was Mansell and Prost in 92/93 when they retired as champions, but then they were much older :smiley:

This is a little like Casey Stoner in MotoGP. The guy won two titles and by 2012, he made a shock announcement to retire at the age of just 27.


Wow! Unexpected decision, but i understand him. He will never repeat a season like this one.


So then lads, who do you think will get that seat at Mercedes?

One interesting report has emerged this evening that Mercedes rang up Renault management and asked if they could buy out Hulkenberg’s contract and have him, but they have refused,

Hulkenberg is someone I’ve rated for a very long time, over the last 10 years infact since A1GP, and that lad more than anyone deserves a fast car. Can’t believe his timing to announce a contract with another team and a month later a Mercedes seat becomes available ffs :facepalm:


Alonso, imo. He has the chance to get revenge on Ferrari.


The BBC label it a ‘classy move’, what?

Looks more like he’s realised he’s taken his one and only chance to get the better of Hamilton over a season and just quit while he’s ahead. Sort of highlights the idea that Hamilton is the better driver exists in both of their minds tbh.


This is absolutely awesome! :smiley: (You’ll need to view it externally).

They’ve been pretty slow on the social media uptake, but damn, they’re really making up for lost time!


Good, his face makes me angry.


Haha that’s really well made @mysty


Haha, that’s brilliant.


Rosberg or Andrew Benson?
For me it’s both.


Why not both? I feel extremely blessed when it comes to F1 coverage in the states. We have a great crew on NBC over here. David Hobbs, Steve Mattchett and Leigh Diffey do a really good job.


[quote=“NeedCoffee, post:134, topic:119”]
Why not both?
[/quote]Andrew Benson just a journalist for the BBC, never been involved on the TV side of things.

Nonetheless, the guy is an utter moron. Talks so much shit half the time, it’s embrassing. The BBC site may as well be a Hamilton love fest these days. And has a pretty unhealthy obsession over Alonso.

We have good coverage here in the UK, Channel 4 did well this year. Sky is still pretty decent, but they’ve gotten a bit lazy in the last year or two. Makes me think they’ll drop the dedicated channel after 2018.

Leigh Diffey’s a quality commentator, always liked that guy. Not bad for an Aussie :wink:


Nice, nothing worse than listening to a gaggle of cunts yammering on during a race. Now, if we could just get better studio guys for football. Kyle and the Robbies on NBC are fine… but the Fox team makes me wish I had a box of grenades. Warren Barton, Alexie Lalas, and Wynalda… couldn’t honestly couldn’t find a bigger lot of mid tier talent with more arrogance than an OPEC conference.


So Bottas has finally been announced as Rosberg’s replacement at Mercedes. Massa agrees to come back and drive at Williams again.


lol at Massa, after his emotional farewell at the Brazil GP, he’s back again.


Yeah, it makes that big emotional send off a joke now. All for nothing. I think it’s a very uninspiring move from Williams to ask back a driver they effectively didn’t want to keep. Makes me wonder where his head will be in all this.

I don’t seem them finishing top 5 this season.


Bernie is finally out of F1. Liberty Media have confirmed the takeover and Bernie’s not part of the plans.

Ross Brawn looks to be coming in to help shape the sporting side for the future of F1 interestingly. Truly the end of an era.