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Are we looking at the first ever Dutch Formula 1 champion? That seems like a natural development for him, if you look at what he is doing at this age and the fact he is still growing.


I think we just witnessed one of the best individual performances from a driver in F1 history. What Max did for the last 10 laps or so in those conditions was just insane.

He was able to find grip on parts of the track no one else seemed to be doing. He wasnt just over taking on the obvious corners either, he done it all over the track. Not to mention that incredible save! He is a future world champ no doubt about it.


How do you even save that?


Ive watched it like 20 times. He has an incredible feel for the car and track, like the car’s just another limb on his body. You cant teach that shit.


I honestly don’t think that save was all down to him. The fact that the tail didn’t step out totally like it did for some of the other drivers is down to luck. Let’s not forget the rather rookie mistake that lead to the incident in the first place, which was him putting a wheel on the white line. And he was able to recover it so quickly because after the initial slide, the car slid back onto the slick painted surface and that’s when it slipped back onto the track pointing in the right direction. Spectacular save but for me, not all down to the driver. Just a combination of luck and some good skills.


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On Vettel

Some overtakes!


I’d love to have seen max and Hamilton battle it out up front.


Probably next season. Rosberg won’t have another lucky season as this one.


So Nico won the title. Deserved in the end, as Hamilton wasted so many chances to put it to bed. In fact he is an Arsenal fan! :poldi:


The salt from Ham fans is amazing


He’s Juve/manutd/Inter/Barcellona rolled in to one. Even when I liked Damon, I never hated schumi this much, at least he was winning for Ferrari and had a personality. Hamilton ruins the sport for me.


Calm down. He is cocky, but a great driver overall. Every great driver is a bit arrogant though.


Fantastic driver. Pure boring yet arrogant wanker. The sport needs more personalities. I don’t like how he won the championship the first time and everyone went mental. Button did the same in a less impressive car and it was nowhere near as much coverage. Bollocks to the cunt.


Well, apart from Alonso, i can’t list any other great driver in the last years.




Rosberg has got to be the most boring World Champion in history.

Even though Hamilton is a bit of knob, at least he is a true racer through and through. If it wasn’t for the mechanical failures, he would have walked it despite a few poor starts.


Yes and No. He has some flaws, like not controlling himself under pressure.


I think in the end, while Hamilton is the faster driver, Rosberg was at many times the better driver this year. Say what you will about reliability but he definately drove a lot better this season and Lewis ended up making some bad starts or daft errors.

I always felt it was now or never for Rosberg. It reminded me a lot of Hill 20 years ago. He missed out previous two years and it felt like last chance saloon. Pretty much the same for Nico really. Apt really he became the first son of a world champion to win it since Hill, with the same year gap of 34 years!

I do agree though he is a boring champion. When you analysis his 23 wins in his career. He’s either won from pole, or got ahead at the first corner and thats it.

He’s never actually made a non lap 1 pass for a win. They’re all lights to flag or getting ahead at the start. That’s pretty insane when you think about it lol.

And @Gio I agree Hamilton does kinda ruin the enjoyment of the sport, but it’s not so much him, but some of those utterly deluded fanboys of his. Reading the comments over the last 24 hours is utter cringeworthy :facepalm:


Yeah, I like Hamilton himself, he is a great driver. Very entertaining and I like him outside the sport too.

But his fanboys got sooo salty this year after Nico got aggressive with him in first corners (which was absolutely fine at the end of 2015 and Nico complained - shoe on the other foot?