The Official Formula One thread


Cocky danish.


The suck my balls thing happened ages ago!


i know lol, just thought to show as a joke. the incident today will be out soon I bet.


FFS! Hamilton looking as fast as ever in the Abu Dhabi Gp. qualifying.
Kimi looks faster than Vettel atm.
Q1: Bottas, Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel.
Verstappen not up for it today.
Q2: Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel and Kimi.

Nando is out.
Pole for Bottas above Hamilton, Vettel and Ricciardo.


Normal start.
Good battle between Kimi and Ricciardo.
Fastest lap for Bottas.
Mercedes pulling away atm.
5-second penalty for Hulkenberg.
Now fastest lap for Lewis.
Think Lewis is letting Bottas win the race.
This race is gonna be boring.
Only Stroll vs. Grosjean is interesting.
Pit for Verstappen and Kimi.
Pit for Ricciardo as well.
Vettel stops to defend his 3rd spot.
Fucking hell Danny boy! He hits the wall and has to retire.
Lewis continues. He wants to win the race.
Bottas still abive Lewis after Hamilton’s pit stop.
Lewis attacking Bottas.
Renault’s box and Sainz :arteta:
Fastest lap for Vettel.
Good win for Bottas. Lewis second, while Vettel 3rd.



Halos on the cockpits and no grid girls

F1 going full PC and shite


Such a load of nonsense. Glad I stopped watching this drivel.



Plenty of room for ya on the Indy bandwagon, gonna be a good season this year, new aero kits look epic!!


@Electrifying my boy, Ferrari is gonna shown up in 18 days.


Anyone been keeping up with the 2018 car reveals?

Love this vid from Williams


They’d look so good if not for the halo. The Renault and rbr especially. They need to fuck off already, or just make them better on the eye.

One step forward, two steps back. Jean Todt needs to go before Wenger. Old past it french fool.

Ferrari and Mercedes, the big dogs tomorrow


Dark Blue for Red Bull looks very cool.


Yup was gonna bump this thread last night. I was looking at how amazing the cars are, and then the only thing I could see was the Halo, with the middle of the Halo right in front of the drivers fucking face. Makes the cars look ass imo.


@Electrifying, hope we can stick a big wurstel up Toto ass this season. Fucking hate him!


They’ll never get rid of the halo now. Imagine they did and a driver suffered because of the removal of it; would be absolute scenes.


Its only a special edition livery.

Their real livery will be revealed during testing soon.


It looks weird, tbh.


Mercedes at 12:00 a.m. and Ferrari at 13:45 p.m. :sunglasses: