The Official Formula One thread


LeClerc and Giovinazzi better take that Sauber role. Ericsson is just one half of these Scandinavian poverty drivers that I always mix up with Magnussen.




Put the cunt Lewis in his place! :mustafi:


Pole position?


No, its place was the second at time :poldi:


Only one place for Lewis


Not in 2007 :hipster:


Sneaky Hamilton is immediately out in the Brazil Grand Prix qualifying. Should have done it some races ago :hipster:


Pole for Bottas just above Seb. Fucking Toto celebrating like a cunt. Fucking german knob.



We go again Luca.

Tomorrow race pace. Avanti!

Also @Mysty where you at bro?


Anschluss. Ze germans and ze austrians are the same. Ask @Persona :ozil2:

Hopefully we finally get a win! Andiamo dai!


Get in Seb! Great start!
Hamilton is already 12th. 9th now.
Fucking Hamilton looks unstoppable atm FFS!


The good thing about fast cars starting at the back is you get to see some overtaking. Lewis and Ric having fun out there.


C’mon Seb! Not over yet!
Seb back to the top after Lewis’s pit.
10 laps to go. Hold on Seb!
Yes Seb! Great win! Hamilton with a great comeback.


Good job defending from Ham from Kimi there too.

Lucky Hamilton started back, he would have dominated this.

Good win by Seb, that was won at the start. Ferrari needed that after the last 4 wasted opportunities.

@Cristo I have to ask you apologise on behalf of all Danes for Magnussen’ behaviour.


“Suck my balls mate” :xhaka:


Haha what did he do now?


Bashed Vandoorne and Ricciardo


Good for him, show them who’s boss.


watch till end