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Vettel is such a bottle job ffs


FUCK OFF! Verstappen’s fault. He just can’t push the brake.


Hamilton cries for Vettel to get a penalty, while his car engineer says nothing happened. Another cocky prick.


Still Seb’s fault getting another shit start from pole. Bastard cost 2 wins doing this now.


I know you do like the shit finnish more than Seb.
Vettel is gonna stop his car and punch someone in the face sooner or later. He is so fucking nervous.
Vettel overtakes Gasly and he is 14th.
Vettel up to 13th.
Waved blue flag for Hamilton.
Blue flags keep on coming for Hamilton.
Hulkenberg has to retire.
Vettel overtakes Nando.
VSC. Everyone going back to his box.
Vettel is the fastest driver among the first 7.


Vettel such a flop man

All he had to do was not fuck the start. And that’s exactly what he does.


Give it a rest now.


Great overtake by Seb on Perez.
Vettel is 4th now. Great comeback from him.
Alonso giving Hamilton a go.


Verstappen wins the race and Hamilton the title. Congratulations to both of them.

We can only work harder to become better next season :wink:


At least Red Bull can hopefully be competitive next season, on to the next one.


MAXICO!! :netherlands:


He will never win the title if he keeps behaving like a prat.


Sounds like Wenger!


Congrats to Lewis he deserves it after his challenger acting like a prat all season .


Fuck off! Seb had to take risks. They didn’t pay off.


No he didn’t. He had a car able to win the title.if didn’t keep acting like a pillock. But he didn’t.

Anyways, hope for a couple wins to end the season. Although I hoped for a win here before the German prick fucked it again.


You have to understand he has become nervous when he has seen the title slipping away.


Lewis is the man. But his interviews were cringey af.

Max was so quick today and his start was just a fuck you to everyone. Trust that Red Bull to start working this late in the season. Hope they can go into next season with the same pace rather than being miles behind.




I remember it :xhaka:. Bloody english :hipster: