The Official Formula One thread


The USA qualifying take place now.

Q1: Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas and Vettel.

Lewis looks as fast as ever.

Q2: Hamilton, Bottas, Raikkonen and Vettel.

The gap is really huge.

Yes Seb! Great final lap and 2nd! Pole for Lewis.


What is this crap at the start of the F1?


Typical cocky americans. It’s all a big show for them.


What is this boxing style intro shit about :joy:




I love it lol. @Luca time for the title challenge to finally be put out it’s misery.

I wonder what will go wrong this time? I say Seb puncture.


Smashing the car against the wall, lol!


Bottas and Ricciardo great fight!


Great start from Vettel off the line there!

Thought Bottas was done for then, good job at defending his position


Vettel and Hamilton very close atm.
Ricciardo and Bottas wow!
Hulkenberg has to retire.


Wow these assholes at nc sports are seriously tape delaying this and playing it at 6pm come in here and the fucking race already started ffs.


Hamilton overtakes Vettel.


Right off to bed then.

See ya later lads.


Verstappen is already 6th.
Kimi waking up.
Pit for Ricciardo.
Fastest lap for Ricciardo. Super soft seems good now.
Oh Danny! He has to retire!


So many retirements all the time, and then of course a stupid grid penalty for an engine replacement :neutral_face:


Soft tyres for Vettel.
Fastest lap for Seb now.
Fuck! So close!
Pit for Raikkonen.
Seb is even unlucky. He doesn’t deserve such a shitty car.
Look, Verstappen let Hamilton through.
Of course, he is not Vettel. Cunt!
Bye bye Nando.


Surprise surprise Alonso has to retire


If Kimi doesn’t overtake Bottas we are gonna finish third.
Go Kimi!
Verstappen with another pit!
Finally Kimi!
Fantastic strategy from Ferrari to let Raikkonen get points off from Vettel.
“Suck my balls mate” out.
Kimi let Vettel through.


Raikkonen :expressionless:
Well done Seb and Lewis!
It’s official: Raikkonen finishes 3rd due to Verstappen corner cutting.
Mercedes officially won Constructors’ World Championship.


What a pole for Seb in the Mexican Grand Prix! @Electrifying