The Official Formula One thread


Vettel just going ‘fuck this’ and throwing everything away there. Tbh it looked more like Stroll didn’t see him coming and didn’t steer left.


Ffs I thought this was at 10am not 8 :frowning:


I’m raging at these missed opportunities.

Ferrari HAVE to WIN Suzuka. Or it’s bye-bye title. And they have to be quicker than Mercedes for the rest of the season like today.

If they are then anything can happen. No points gap is too big to chase down when there is a car advantage. See 2007, 2010, 2012.


This is brilliant…


Disaster, fucking disaster. 1st and 2nd for Mercedes in the Suzuka qualifying. I give up.


Come to papa bear


Bye bye Ferrari.


Lol! What a collapse! Thanks Marchionne, corporate fucker! @Electrifying
Can see a battle between Max and Lewis next season. Ferrari will be in the stand.
Hamilton, Verstappen, Ricciardo and Bottas.


Cazzo merda .
It’s over Luca mate :sob:

They said that after last season too. Ferrari will be back stronger next season.

Mercedes is on the down. Their car can’t even.follow without looking like a backmarker.

Ferrari had a brand new concept on their car which RedBull have copied which has helped them improve. Ferrari will further improve on this next year hopefully, and Seb will go away and come back better too cos he was not the best this year.

RedBull won’t ever be a threat with their Renault engines, which now won’t be the best either as their works team will get the best parts.


That’s pretty much the title over now, Vettel would have to race out of his skin and hope for a ridiculous amount of luck to claw it back.

@Electrifying are they not getting a new engine maker in the off season? I’m not sure where I read it now but I thought Renault might pull out or something. Hope to see Verstapen in a really competitive car next year, would be great to have Hamilton - Vettel - Verstapen instead of the usual two horse race.

On the whole though, and I’ve posted this before, my interest in this sport is dwindling somewhat. The races have been better this year but it’s still missing something for me


RedBull will still have Renault engines for 2018. Their Junior team will have Honda engines next year as Renault begin to supply McLaren instead.

RedBull’s plan was to have one team with each engine then see which one was better and go with that one for 2020 or whenever their contract with Renault was gonna be up.

Renault understandably didn’t take kindly to this and told RBR to get fucked and will end their contract early so in 2019 RBR will probably get Honda engines like their Junior team but for next year it’s all the same.


It’s like Arsenal: every year is our year.

Unless you cut the crap at our helm, we are not gonna be competitive.


Ferrari are no arsenal. We’ve been up there every year even if they don’t win.


There’s ‘We’ in Formula One?


They whatever


But we are as good as Arsenal at bottling.


What an utter disappointment of a race, once again, from a Ferrari perspective. The title is Lewis’ to lose, and I don’t see him doing that. The season is over, nothing really left to watch, which is sad cause I was hoping at least F1 will keep me interested for the next few months. I guess will have to rely on Arsenal once again, to make the weekends interesting, which is always a dodgy proposition.


Did you turn it off after the few laps again :henry2:


Happy, you Hamilton fanboy? :hipster:


I wouldn’t lie, I thought about it but then decided to watch it anyway, in the hope that Mad Max does something amazing but the pace of the Mercedes was too much. Didn’t watch the final few laps I had to drive my son to a birthday party but by then the result was inevitable.