The Official Formula One thread


Him and Neymar are very similar mate. Exceptionally talented but neither are particularly likable. Not that either has said or done anything sinister, but they don’t keep themselves to themselves haha


the justin beiber of sport, preening little fuckers who are bigshots think they are gods gift.


Lewis Hamilton is twice the driver Sebastian Vettel is.

He has proper got in Seb’s head this season. Made him do dumb shit like he did in Baku and at the weekend. Yes he had the right to defend his pole position. But so aggressive when his title rival is way back? When he is against a guy known for being rash? When even if he loses the spot, he has the whole race to gain it back by not binning it? That, after all that he would likely have been 1st into turn 1 anyways, or 2nd only to Kimi who would have moved over for him and given him more protection at the end of the day when all is said and done?

Seb is a little square prick. Lewis is the only rock star F1 has left as Kimi has become responsible. He will move level with Seb on 4 titles this year and that is deserved as a fraud like Seb should never have more titles than Lewis. Can’t wait till he drives the red car.

And I say that not even particularly liking Lewis.


Ferrari should sign Scott Dixon from Indycar. He’d fuck shit up in F1.


Watch Seb overtakes this season :wink:


I don’t see how the Singapore incident for Seb’s fault. It was just sheer bad luck that Kimi’s car collided with Max’s, spun around and hit Seb, who was ahead of both of them.

As for who is the better driver, the only way we will ever know that for sure is if Seb & Lewis were in the same team. All we can say with certainty is that give either of them the best car on the grid, and they will deliver the title.

And as for Lewis and his off track activities, I hardly think we should judge him for that. Not every successful person needs to be a role model both on and off his field of activity. So he likes to party, socialise, be seen and photographed. As long as we don’t see him boozing or smoking or caught with hookers etc, there is nothing wrong in what he is doing.



We go again on sunday. C’mon Seb! :sanchez2:


The Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying takes places at 10 am.


Seb done his engine. Title over. I am gonna sleep tomorrow.


We were up for 1st and 2nd if Seb didn’t brake his engine.


Hahahaha Luca man. On the bright side, Ferrari got the fastest car here, and if they also got it in suzuka, means their upgrades have taken them past Mercedes.


Useless in the end. Just like Arsenal.


Oh come on Luca. Don’t lose hope buddy. Have faith. If not in Seb or Ferrari, have some faith in Max and Kimi doing to Lewis what they did to Seb last time around. All it takes is one of them knocking him out in the first corner. The Ferrari’s are better off the line than the Mercs and with Max in there, anything is possible.


Kimi non starting, lol!


Great start by Seb.
Seb very aggressive.
Seb up to 12th! Great, great race so far.
Verstappen also doing very well. He is keeping it up with Hamilton.
Get in Max for once!
It sounds Hamilton has problems.
Max opening a little gap at the top.
Max with some fastest laps in a row.
Seb overtakes Nando and goes 10th.
9th now.
Vettel 8th, as Massa does his pit-stop.
Everyone pitting so Vettel is climbing up the table.
I think they asked Lewis not to push to save his power unit.
Wow! Max is giving Lewis a run for their money.
Vettel very close to Perez and Bottas.
Not a good race for Danny.
Easy overtake on Perez. 5th.
It is getting very cloudy.


GO ON MAX!!! :netherlands: :netherlands:


Vettel and Bottas fighting now!
Hamilton pit.
Max pit as well now.
Seb had to pit now.
So Hamilton is waking up now. Hope Max can hold on.
Vettel overtakes Bottas to go 4th.
Vettel 1 second faster than Hamilton atm.
Vettel can still catch Ricciardo.
Seb could even catch Lewis. Only 20 seconds between the 2.
Another fastest lap per Vettel. Go go!


Is Max on course / favourite to win today? I really haven’t much F1 knowledge :smiley:


Vettel so close to Ricciardo now!
10 seconds between Hamilton and Vettel!
Vettel losing grip now FFS!
Vettel has given up. Still a fantastic race from him. Lewis has the title in his lock.
Seb would have easily won the race if he hadn’t started last.
LOL! Seb and Stroll went into each other when the race finished :arteta: