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As MM said most of the Grand Prix are so boring. F1 has an issue when the most exciting part of a race is a big crash on the first lap and a little bit of rain to throw off the race strategies. It’s such a sterile sport tbh. They need to bring back fueling during pit stops, and swap all the cars to the same chassis. That will make the sport a lot more exciting imo.


The 2018 season is gonna be even more difficult than this one. Ferrari has to build a perfect car not to fall behind Mercedes and Red Bull.


You’re a strange guy luca


Why? The title race is over.


The fact that is that while this one is still a race accident, Kimi should have just took the foot off the gas. Fuck me! Why did he start so well only today?


Verstappen: “I am happy everyone is out in the end”.

Fucking prick! He is clearly on a mission to allow Hamilton win the title. He just hates Ferrrari. I don’t know why.


Calm down @Luca_from_Italy.

It was no one’s fault. Max was always going to try overtaking at the first corner. It’s just too bad that Kimi got such an astonishing start. On another day, you would have been jumping for joy with a Ferrari 1 2 finish. Shit happens. Don’t get me wrong, I was gutted and didn’t even watch the race after that incident cause that was perhaps our best chance of getting both cars on the podium, with neither of the Mercs finishing in the top 3, and it just went tits up.

Anyway, there are still a few races to go and I wouldn’t be surprised if things take another turn. Bad day for Ferrari, but it’s not over.


Why not?


I guess it’s the equivalent of turning the Arsenal of after 20mims when your 4-0 down away at anfield.


No Ferrari, no party. No one watches Formula 1 for Hamilton.


I switched it off too.

But title is over unless Hamilton gets a retirement.

He has the faster car and a big lead


I have to apologize to Kimi. Max being sneaky here again.


Just watched the Williams documentary there. Well worth a watch. Never realised Mansell and Pique had such a rivalry within the team.

The way the cars moved in the 80s and 90s was just far more exciting than the last 10 or so years.


Whats the doc called bud?



What am I looking at? Are you still somehow convinced that it wasn’t primarily Vettel’s fault?


Yes. It didn’t start well, but he had the right to move in that way.


It wasn’t Vettel’s fault for sure. Vettel did what any pole sitter would do, protect his position going into turn 1. His nose was way ahead of Max’s and therefore he had the right of way. If you watch the replay in slow motion, you will find that just before the contact between Kimi and Max, it’s Max who veers to his left ever so slightly, in response to Vettel pushing him wide and then doesn’t correct himself. So he keeps drifting to his left, and into Kimi.

But I can see why the stewards decided it was just a racing incident. It all happens so fast. Max gets overtaken by Kimi on the left, just as Seb is pushing him wide, and Max’s small steering input to the left is enough to cause the contact. He had very little time to react and his instinctive reaction was to avoid the car he could see, not the car that was creeping up on him from the left, at that exact time.


He is a great driver, but an awful person.


Christ! He is so fucking cocky. I do really hope he loses the title :hipster: